Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A dossier of 50 European criminals who dodged deportation from the UK because of EU rules has been released by leave campaigners.
10:18, UK,Tuesday 07 June 2016
Learco Chindamo (left) killed Philip Lawrence in 1995
Violent foreign criminals have exploited EU rules to stay in the UK, Vote Leave has disclosed in a dossier of 50 offenders including murderers and rapists.
The details have been disclosed by Justice Minister and Brexit campaigner Dominic Raab, who says it is evidence the UK’s membership of the EU makes Britons less safe.
He says UK attempts to deport violent criminals have been frustrated by the EU’s freedom of movement rules, which allow European citizens to live and work freely in other EU countries.
The list of offenders include Italian Learco Chindamo, who stabbed headteacher Philip Lawrence to death in 1995 and Polish woman Theresa Rafacz who kicked her husband to death in 2007.
Lord Mandelson
Others on the list are a rapist with a drink-driving conviction, drug dealers, and offenders who have killed people in driving offences.
Mr Raab said: "This is yet more evidence of how EU membership makes us less safe.
"Free movement of people allows unelected judges in the rogue European Court to decide who we can and can't deport. This puts British families at risk."
He said that there were more than 50 EU offenders but that the names contained in the dossier were illustrative. Some remain in jail, while others have been released.
Dominic Raab
Speaking on Sky News, Lord Mandelson, the remain campaigner, accused Vote Leave of "distorting" facts and said that while it was right to raise the 50 criminals, people must take into account the 6,500 criminals rounded up and deported from the UK since 2010 because of the European Arrest Warrant.
He said: "They take a germ of truth, they then generalise from it and in the process they distort the real picture."
However, Mr Raab told Sky News Lord Mandelson was conflating two issues and pointed out that extradition was different to deportation.
David Cameron addresses a question about the EU referendum
Mr Raab said that the UK removed eight times as many non-EU nationals as EU nationals from the country, highlighting the restrictive nature of the rules.
It comes as it emerged pro-European MPs could stage a campaign to reverse Brexit in the event the public votes to leave – or limit the impact by retaining membership of the single market and therefore retaining freedom of movement rules.
Around two-thirds of MPs are in favour of remaining in the EU and could use their weight to put pressure on the government to stay in the single market, therefore keeping a raft of EU regulations.
Michael Gove with Faisal Islam and Kay Burley on EU vote set Credit: Sky News/Chris Lobina
However, if they did manoeuvre to soften the extent of Brexit in a move being referred to as "reverse Maastricht" they would risk the wrath of a public that had voted differently – with a General Election in 2020.
The Labour MP and remain campaigner Stephen Kinnock told the Times: "MPs will be presented with a very difficult choice in the event of a Leave vote, because we have no idea what a post-Brexit UK looks like, and the referendum will not provide a specific mandate in terms of which Brexit model has the support of the electorate."