Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Ben Emmerson
Image Caption:Ben Emmerson QC
The most senior lawyer on the national probe into child sexual abuse has been suspended from duty.
It comes after the independent inquiry became "very concerned" about aspects of QC Ben Emmerson's leadership, a spokeswoman said.
She said Mr Emmerson, who is counsel to the inquiry, has been "suspended from duty so that these can be properly investigated".
The spokeswoman added: "Suggestions in the press that Mr Emerson was considering resigning after raising disagreements over the future direction of the inquiry are untrue.
"They are not a matter on which he has advised the chair of the inquiry or the panel."
Earlier this month, the judge who previously headed the investigation, Dame Lowell Goddard, said it was too unwieldy and needed to be completely overhauled.
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