Sunday, 30 October 2016


Murderer who battered own mum to death by smashing her head against radiator is jailed after shooting neighbour

‘Mild mannered’ Brian Acott, 71, shot next door man in leg using semi-automatic pistol during furious row in leafy village of Fittleworth in West Sussex
A CONVICTED murderer who battered his elderly mother to death is now back behind bars after shooting his next door neighbour during a row.
Brian Acott, 71, has been jailed for eight years and three months after putting a bullet into the leg of a man who lived next door following a furious argument.
Brian Acott
Brian Acott, 71, was given a life sentence 20 years ago for murdering his own mum
He has now returned to prison after shooting a neighbour during a furious row
This conviction comes a little over ten years after he was released from prison on licence for the brutal killing of his mother Ivy Acott in 1993.
Acott, a retired surveyor, murdered his 78-year-old mum by smashing her head against a radiator at their home in Rainham, Kent.
He was given a life sentence in 1995 but was released on licence less than 10 years later and moved to a village near the town of Chichester in West Sussex.

The argument took place in the sleepy village of Fittleworth in West Sussex
It was in sleepy Fittleworth that he met his latest victim, Shaun Luby, after he moved into a house nearby.
On October 31 last year police were called to the picturesque village after reports of an argument during which Acott shot Mr Luby in the leg with a semi-automatic pistol.
He had previously complained to the local housing association about Acott’s behaviour in the neighbourhood.
Following Acott’s conviction at Chichester Crown Court, Mr Luby said: “He was a nasty inconsiderate drunk old man, but I didn’t know until all this happened that he murdered his own mother.

“I am angry that he was allowed to get out of prison and do this. But I’m even more angry that the housing association and the probation service didn’t do anything about it.
“I just hope he has to stay in jail and serve the rest of his life sentence.” He added: “He has been causing problems the whole time since he had live here.
“They knew what he was. Someone should have done something. Someone should have had some sort of duty of care for me.”
Mr Luby, now 62, said he is likely to suffer lasting health problems as a result of the gunshot wound.
Chichester Crown Court
Acott was convicted and sentenced for the crime at Chichester Crown Court
The Ministry of Justice did not say why Acott had been deemed safe for release but said the release of life sentenced prisoners is a matter for the independent Parole Board.
The National Probation Service said a full review into the case has been launched as Acott was able to get his hands on the 32 calibre Pieper Herstal Self Loading Pistol.
At the trial for killing his own mum in 1993, Acott tried to claim she had sustained her horrific injuries in a fall and that when paramedics arrived she was already dead on the hallway floor.
Examinations showed she sustained injuries to her head, face and neck, which ‘mild mannered’ Acott said came about in his attempts to resuscitate her.
However, evidence emerged during the trial that he was financially dependent on her having spent all his savings. He was also the sole beneficiary of her will.
He had lost his job and his marriage had broken down when he moved back into his mother’s bungalow following the death of his father.
Previously described as ‘mild mannered’ and a ‘model son’, Acott left his high-flying career in America to look after his doting mother.
As well as bashing her head against a radiator, he also kicked and beat her to death before washing his hands and rifling through her paperwork in search of a will, Maidstone Crown Court heard at the time.
At Chichester Crown Court, Acott was jailed for five years after admitting possessing a firearm, and for a further three years and three months for admitting unlawful wounding. The sentences will run consecutively.