Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Stephen Port, who denies murder, has been accused of presenting a "tissue of lies" during evidence at the Old Bailey.

Stephen Port
Image Caption:Stephen Port has been accused of presenting 'a tissue of lies'
Alleged serial killer Stephen Port "wouldn't have minded" being drugged and raped by one of the young men he is accused of murdering, the chef told the Old Bailey.
Discussion on Wednesday morning focused on two of Port's four alleged murder victims, Daniel Whitworth and Gabriel Kovari.
Jurors heard that Port allegedly placed a fake suicide note in Mr Whitworth's dead fingers, taking the blame for Mr Kovari's death. 
Port contended that he had written the note to help Mr Whitworth get his alleged role in the death of Mr Kovari "off his chest".
But prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC was unimpressed, accusing Port of presenting "a tissue of lies".
The barrister insisted it had been Port who had put the note on Mr Whitworth's body to make it appear like suicide.
Mr Rees also asserted that Port had put Mr Kovari's blue hooded top on Mr Whitworth to "establish a link" between the two men.
In addition, he allegedly placed a small bottle of the date rape drug GHB to back up what was in the suicide note, Mr Rees claimed. 

Anthony Walgate, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor
Image Caption:Anthony Walgate, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor
But Port said he had agreed to write the suicide note because of a promise of sex afterwards, adding that he passed out because a drink Mr Whitworth had allegedly given him had "a bit" of GHB in it.
Mr Rees asked: "You are not suggesting he may have drugged you, Mr Port? 
"You are not suggesting he may have taken advantage of you whilst you were drugged?"
Port accepted that he had raised such a possibility. 
Mr Rees added: "Why did you raise the suggestion this young man may have raped or sexually assaulted you? Against this dead boy?"
"I wouldn't have minded if he did," Port replied. 
"Come on, Mr Port! That's not true, is it, Mr Rees said. You 'top' other people, they don't top you. 
"So you would have minded if he raped you whilst you were unconscious." 
Port replied: "It's just a shame we didn't get to do more together."
Mr Rees said that Port's version of events was a "cruel lie".
Port denies murdering Mr Whitworth, who was 21, 22-year-old Mr Kovari, Anthony Walgate, 23, and 25-year-old Jack Taylor. 
He also denies raping and administering a substance to a number of other men.