A MAN caught with a £20,000 stash of heroin at his home while on bail for dealing drugs the previous month has been jailed for three years.
Balwant Singh, 37, was storing and bagging up drugs at his home in Moor Park Drive, Thornbury, Bradford, for onward supply by those higher up the chain, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.
Prosecutor Clare Walsh said Singh was arrested on August 6 last year when police raided his address and seized 45 grams of 49 per cent purity heroin, with a street value of £1,891.
While he was on bail, officers returned to his home on September 8, 2015, and discovered a £20,611 stash of 412 grams of heroin, £3,000 worth of cannabis and a small quantity of cocaine.
The police also seized £835 in cash and Paracetamol and caffeine used to cut the heroin into street deals.
Singh pleaded guilty to two offences of possession of heroin with intent to supply and one count of possession of cannabis with intent to supply.
He told the police he was under pressure to store the drugs after he and his family had been threatened.
The court heard that Singh had been out of trouble for ten years but had previous convictions for possession of heroin and possession of a prohibited weapon.
His barrister, Assumpta O’Rourke, said he appreciated the seriousness of the offences and that an immediate prison sentence would follow.
Singh had performed a limited function, bagging up the drugs for others higher up the criminal chain to sell on.
He had himself been taking drugs for 19 years and he was acting as custodian of the heroin in return for being supplied with drugs.
Singh had been a self-employed joiner but drugs had ruined his lifestyle.
He had self-referred to the Bridge Project in Bradford and was now free of illegal substances.
Miss O’Rourke said Singh was on medication for depression and his family would suffer when he was jailed, particularly his ill sister who relied on his support.
Judge Peter Hunt said class A drugs broke up families and caused untold misery.
Singh was making great efforts to rid himself of his addiction and the offences were well over a year old.
Judge Hunt made a confiscation order in the sum of £835, the amount of cash seized by the police, and ordered the forfeiture and destruction of all the drugs.