Friday, 18 November 2016

The Labour MP was stabbed 15 times with some of the wounds inflicted with "moderate or severe force".

Thomas Mair is accused of killing Jo Cox in June
Image Caption:Thomas Mair is accused of killing Jo Cox in June
Jo Cox tried to shield her face with her hands as her killer shot her in the head, a court has heard.
The Labour MP received 15 stab wounds and was shot three times when she was attacked outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, near Leeds.

An image presented in evidence during the trial of Thomas Mair
Image Caption:An image presented in evidence during the trial of Thomas Mair
Dr Richard Shepherd, the coroner who carried out the post-mortem on Mrs Cox, has been giving evidence at the trial of Thomas Mair - the man accused of murdering her.
The eight men and four women were shown computer generated images of the MP's body.
Dr Shepherd told jurors: "I concluded that Jo Cox died as a result of multiple stab and gunshot wounds."
These included stab wounds to her chest cavity, stomach and hand.
One stab wound passed right through her arm and into her right side.
One gunshot wound was found to her right forehead. Another bullet wound was to the chest.
A "through and through" entry and exit bullet hole was on her left hand.
Prosecutor Richard Whittam QC suggested: "It could be consistent with the hand being raised to the face and the bullet going through?"
Dr Shepherd replied: "Indeed. It could be with any of the injuries but I think it makes more sense that the hands were up covering the face and the bullet has gone through the right hand and ... into the head.
"The stab wounds had penetrated her heart, left lung, stomach and liver."
Some stab wounds were inflicted with between "moderate and severe force", he added.

Jo Cox shooting
Image Caption:Jo Cox was killed near her constituency office in Birstall
Forensics expert Andre Horne later told the jury Mair was armed with British-made hollowpoint rifle bullets.
He said these were commonly used to kill vermin like squirrels and rabbits.
Jurors were shown the modified .22 calibre Weihrauch rifle found in a hold-all following Mair's arrest. 
The barrel of the hunting rifle had been completely sawn off enabling single handed use instead of two.
The jury was also shown the dagger used in the attack. It was described by Mr Horne as a military style handled blade similar to the type used by special forces. 
But Mr Horne said he was uncertain of the 17cm weapon's provenance concluding it was probably a replica or fake.
The trial is expected to run for another two weeks.