Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Cambridge University graduate raped, tortured and murdered two women he had paid for sex at his apartment.

File photo of Rurik Jutting, a UK banker charged with two counts of murder
Image Caption:Rurik Jutting, 31, has been found guilty on two counts of murder
British banker Rurik Jutting has been jailed for life for the murders of two Indonesian women in Hong Kong.
The mutilated bodies of Sumarti Ningish, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, were found in Jutting's luxury high-rise apartment in 2014.
In a series of videos recorded on his mobile phone, the Cambridge University graduate described how he had tortured and killed his two victims.
In one video played in court, he said: "My name is Rurik Jutting. About five minutes ago, I just killed, murdered, this woman here."
The camera panned down briefly to show the body of Ms Ningish lying face down on his bathroom floor.
He then said: "It's Monday night. I've held her captive since early Saturday. I've raped her repeatedly. I tortured her, I tortured her badly.

Sumarti Ningsih and Seneng Mujiasih
Image Caption:Jutting killed Sumarti Ningsih (R) and Seneng Mujiasih
"I cut her throat in the bathroom. To be precise, I cut her throat while she was bending over licking a dirty toilet bowl.
"I treated her as a non-person, a sex object. And that turned me on."
After three days of torture and rape, he said he had "never seen anyone so scared" and added the young single mother would do anything he told her.
Another video showed Ms Ningsih alive and bound inside Jutting's apartment.
Jutting met Ms Ningsih through the "casual encounters" section of the Craigslist website and had saved her name in his phone as "Indo" after paying her for sex at a hotel.
She is said to have offered to return half of the money if she was allowed to leave early as he had treated her violently.
But she reluctantly agreed to meet him again on 26 October, 2014, for an undisclosed fee.

Indonesian migrant workers hold up placards of slain colleagues Seneng Mujiasih and Sumarti Ningsih
Image Caption:Indonesian migrant workers have staged protests outside the court during the trial
Her body was found in the foetal position inside a suitcase on Jutting's balcony on 1 November. She had been wrapped in a plastic bag and bed sheet, with her neck almost completely severed.
Speaking about the killing, Jutting said: "I feel a bit sad because she was a good person, but I don't feel guilty."
The former securities trader met his second victim in a Hong Kong bar on 31 October and again offered her money to come back to his flat.
He had earlier filmed what he called "treats" bought from a hardware store in preparation for the killing that night.
The items included a hammer, blowtorch, pliers and plastic ties. He had also hidden two knives beneath sofa cushions in his apartment.
He said: "Let's be clear about these. I am going to use these to torture someone in the most inhumane way possible."
Ms Mujiasih's body was found in a pool of blood on Jutting's living room floor. Her throat had also been cut.

Rurik Jutting on his way to court
Image Caption:Jutting's defence team claimed he was under stress from his banking job
In a police interview, Jutting said he had left her dying inside his apartment and collapsed "physically exhausted" on the balcony outside.
He told police officers he had been "hunting for prey" that night, and Ms Mujiasih was his "prey".
Jutting had been a vice president and head of Structured Equity Finance and Trading (Asia) at Bank of America in Hong Kong.
His defence team said he was under huge stress from his banking job, which prompted him to turn to alcohol and cocaine.
They said he also had personality disorders of sexual sadism and narcissism, and had been sexually abused at a top British private school as a teenager when another boy had forced him to perform a sex act.
Jutting told police his cocaine consumption had increased in the weeks before the killing, and had brought out "long and extended fantasies" including one in which he considered kidnapping teenage British schoolgirls from a boarding school to keep as sex slaves.
The prosecution said Jutting needed the drug to give him the courage to rape, torture and kill, but said his judgement had not been "substantially impaired" and he had acted calmly before, during and after the killings - even telephoning his mother in the UK.
On Tuesday, the jury unanimously found him guilty of the two murders after a two-week trial.
Both of his victims had originally come to Hong Kong to work as maids and were among more than 300,000 migrant domestic workers employed in the city.
Asked why he had killed them, Jutting told police: "It's a question which I think I'll always ask myself."