Friday, 17 May 2013

This is a copy of a letter that my son sent to Mr D.Cameron the Prime Minister. Below it is the reply, to show you how the government treat human beings, even though they have done wrong and are in prison, they still deserve to be treated like human beings.

HMP Frankland


Dear Mr Cameron,

I have wrote a number of times to you but I have never had a reply from yourself.
keep writing 
I know you must get 1,000's of letters, but I will not stop, I will keep writing and writing until the Prime Minister acts.

My Dad is in his 90's and is very ill and bed ridden and my mum  in her 60s she is in a wheelchair.
I know you think that all prisoners are scum and it makes you sick, knowing that the prisoner could get a vote. What about a 39 year old man, from the age of 18.  From the age of 3 - 18 years old I was repeatedly raped sometimes 2-3times a day until I came to prison. I have had no help for my abuse and I have not seen my mum or dad or any of my family for over three years, because it is too far for them to visit me. I have asked for a move and they say no your not F---ing moving. I said this is my Human Rights. I was told you-re a F---ing prisoner you have no rights. If you do not intervene  you will leave me no other option but legal action, and to put my story in the newspapers, this is Bullying, Discriminatory and a breach of my European convention on Human Rights.



PS. I  do hope that you Mr David Cameron will take time to reply to me and not get one of your unknown worker to write back to me.

This is the awaited reply: