Thursday, 27 September 2012

We are changing the name to Lifers Past Tariff
25/9 No info lock down due to flooding also 26th flooding

27th been told that voice for cons is not allowed a blog, even though his legal team are aware of it so will have to get info as and when I can to type it up for him and the others.

Will keep you posted every day of any other outcomes they have told him he will be put back on basic and may be shipped out elsewhere so we will have to wait and see what happens.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Why  is it the whole of the UK is miserable, the weather is , it has been raining since the early hours of this morning.
Had a visit today from my probation officer (told you I would keep you updated} My parole is due in March 2013 and my probation and offender management says they will not be recommending anything even though I have agreed to do courses which the paroles recommended two years ago and the prison has failed to get me on the groups, my probation and offending officer are very grumpy, my probation officer came all the way from London she was over an hour late. If this was my situation on licence over an hour late I would have been recalled. For probation to be an hour late it is ok. One rule for them one for us.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Just wanna say thanks to everyone who looks at my blog, prison life is very hard. I am building my nephew a model lorry and he came to the phone and asked me how long will his lorry be, I replied I have to finish building it , and when I come down South  (600-800 miles away from home and family) I will give you the lorry, he replies uncle can I ask you a question when are you getting out of prison because I miss you and love you, he is only 7 years old it put a lump in my throat. I've got a niece who is 14 years old who is madly in love with Justin Beiber and one direction what is wrong with the girls theses days, they need to go to the opticians and get their eyes sorted out.
All my family are doing very well my long lost brother has contacted us for the first in his life he is 66 years old, so instead of having 12 nieces and nephews  and 16 great nieces and nephews, I now have 14 nieces and nephews and 23 great nieces and nephews, so the family is getting bigger just like my blog.

If you want to ask any questions about prison life feel free at

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Feeling a bit low today prison life getting to me after all this time, got a legal visit on 24th am and pm outside probation will up date you on the outcome as my jamroll comes up on March 2013.  If you want to ask any questions please feel free to contact us at

Friday, 21 September 2012

Hoping to update this afternoon or evening internet problems

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I wanna talk about the 2 coppers who got shot yesterday in Manchester. They are crying out for the death penalty to be brought back for killers of police officers. Why should it be brought back just for murderers of police officers, I am not against the death penalty but at the end of the day murder is murder, manslaughter is murder so why not call for the death penalty for all murders not just police murderers. Sentences should be in black and white eg: Robbery should be 10 years Armed Robbery 20 years Rape 15-20  years etc etc. So why is it so different in the UK. compared to the rest of the world and prisoners do not have human rights in the UK and the EU should take over the UK justice system. The life sentence should be abolished and we should all have fixed sentences or a maximum for life sentence eg: 15-25 years.

Running a bit late today due to someone smashing their cell up please give me some feedback on what else you would like to hear.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Family still not A1 but this is from the Inside Times:

Ref. Fantastic Frankland D.Hennesey
You must be a sick man you should really go and see a mental health team, you are deluded Frankland is not fantastic, it is a load of shit, what you are saying, in total I have been in Frankland 6 years, been in Prison 21 years, so don't tell me Frankland is fantastic, because it is not. You must be 1 of 4 things, a screw, management,working for home office or a little grass on A wing. This article has made me very angry, what about the murder that happened on C wing, what about the stabbing of the officers what about prisoners being attacked by officers. Officers not doing their jobs by not observing prisoners on ACT. I feel your article D. Hennesey is full of bullshit and you are only doing this to gain something, what I do not know, you probably want to gain your enhancement LOL.

Hope to be back to normal by middle of next week.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sorry there was no blog yesterday family who type this up for me was ill with angina and high blood pressure.
Hopefully will be able to type somethink up when The Voice phones shortly.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Short on cash today due to checking up on my dad hope to have more cash tomorrow or Friday,
Dontforget any help with the links will be welcome. Thanks

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I want to know how I can add a photo to my existing blog, also how I can link with other groups and people please contact us with any info. Thanks

The Public think prison life is cushy but let me tell you from experience 20years plus behind bars prison life is anything but easy. My family live over 600 miles away from me I do not see them everything is done by phone and the attitude from the screws  they treat you like shit, Prison is not like it was years ago. I wrote to Lord Ramsbottom about two months ago along with a photo of my dad wearing all his medals from World War 11 explaining he is very ill, do you believe it I have not received  even an acknowledgement.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Been in Prison 20 odd years got a firm who has said they will take my appeal on against my sentence, So lets see if it is just talk or if they really can.

If it is just talk I will do what I did before Name and  shame.

Will come back tomorrow with more updates.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bit short on cash due to phoning mobiles regarding my dad when he had his accident and longer than usual phone calls with family getting the blog typed up normal routine this morning will try and update tomorrow if not Tuesday

Saturday, 8 September 2012

7/9/12 Lock up at 4.25pm till 8.45am on Friday Saturday & Sunday it is early lockdown 4.25pm it is now 7.20pm and am watching ice road trackers before football comes on (Come on England) England v Moldovan 10.30 pm England won 5-0 Well done boys. Now 11.15pm just had tv on mute and have radio on not much on tv so off to bed.

8/9/12  8.45am just got up morning routine, only thing different having shower in morning instead of night. 9am door just opened going to get my meds and have a shower, 9.30 having coffee and chilling. 11.45 am just getting my dinner playing table tennis for the last half hour lock up till 2pm when I will phone family so they can do my blog, cooking pizza,chips and bread and butter pudding for six of us. Don't want to say I have a big head but I am a better cook than the others they have all told me this. Now almost 3pm end of six days of prison life, Can you Please give me some feedback on what you think. Please contact us at

PS Good lick to England on Tuesday  lets kick more Arse

Friday, 7 September 2012

 5/9/12 - 6/9/12 -7/9/12

7pm lock up till 8.30am feeling a bit low over 600-700 miles away from family and with my dad having that fall yesterday I am unable to help him. I have not seen my dad for over 6 years now that is what the UK home office is like, they do not give a shit about your human rights.
11.10pm just been chilling out got tv on having a coffee been watching rude tube sorry for not updating yesterday ran out of phone credit due to my dads accident on Tuesday had to phone mobiles to be updated. 11.45pm to bed.

7.30a.m doing my normal routine bog was dress and coffee, 8.20 am going for my meds. 8.30am lock up till 8.45am have a call up in education. 8.45 they came and told me I did not have a call up showed the officers reply from application from 24/8/12 they still said no, so am back in my cell chilling out with a coffee, I'll come back if anything changes.

HA HA HA 9.10 just been told by screws when head count is correct I WILL BE GOING TO EDUCATION this could be in 5 minutes or 2 hours, 9.27 am went to education 11.15 back on wing in cell for head count, 11.45 going for lunch  12 noon lock up now 12.30 having my little sleep now 4pm had no work so slept through till 4pm when I picked up my meds, lock up till head count is right something is going down 5pm and still not out 5.10pm cell door opens going down for tea cant phone family today still out of phone credit, 7pm lockup, words out 6 inmates were planning to take a kangaroo out 9 pm bored getting into bed. 7.30am just got up doing morning routine, not boring you with details as previous, not working today so will be listening to my radio on smooth, to listen to a program called my tune by Simon Bates at 8.45am it is now 8.25am going for my meds, 8.33 back in cell waiting for my tunes to come on, 8.50 am It was a very sa one today about a mothers nightmare her son drowned in a Quarry and they play Michael Jackson You're not alone her son was only 14 years old there is now a charity being run for Dhillon 11.45 going down for dinner bang up till 1.45 when I get my canteen.2.30 on phone getting this typed up. Will update tomorrow.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

There was an incident late yesterday evening and there has been lockdown all day so I have had no contact with the author so I am sorry to say will have to wait tilly I hear from him. Will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

4/9/12 & 5/9/12

7pm lock up again till 8.30am saying that the words up that there is a lockdown tomorrow morning so don't know what is going on till tomorrow morning.
It is now 11.50pm been watching tv now have the radio on cup of coffee, feeling a bit low today want to help my family but cant, they sometimes feel like they are not listening to me. Where I have been in prison so long my entire adult life 22 years my family seem different to me, I tell my bro in law how to get legal money by wheeling and dealing all he says is ye ye ye. of to bed now.

7.30am just got up have to do my morning routine, wash dress clean teeth have a coffee waiting to go down to collect my meds, it should be 8.15 am  it is now 8.50a, this tells me it is a lockdown, 9.15 went down to pick up my meds, 9.30 back to education, 11.40 am back on the wing, locked up for head count. 11.50am went to get my dinner, it was chicken, It is 12.15pm locked up going to have my little sleep after dinner. 1.20 need to have a wash and coffee off to education 1.45pm. back on wing at 4.10. Get called into SO office, get told my dad who is 92 has hurt himself in a fall last night mum had been trying to phone prison for sometime now 4.45pm. what a load of shit. Now 5.10pm dictating this to family to publish for all.

Does anyone know who is looking at my blog now how to do links, if so please contact us at

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

3/9/12 - 4/9/12  It is now 7pm it is now lockup locked up  till about 8.15am  In the morning I have a telemed appointment for those of you who do not know what a telemed is it is like a web cam to a doctor. It is now 11.45pm watching tv what a load of trash so of to bed,
7.30am up doing my normal routine like boys do, toilet, wash clean my teeth cup of coffee (hahahaha) Just been informed staff who was going to do telemed with me has phoned in sick so off to education was given a job to look after tropical fish and look after them it has taken me all morning now 11.26am back on wing locked up till 11.45 when we go down for dinner mince and mushroom pie tasted awful now 12 noon locked up till 1.45pm back to education will have a nap till 1.20. Then coffee and wash before education. Off to education.
Back on the wing 4.20 locked up for head count till 4.30-45. Now 5.30 translating to my people to publish this on my blog.
Anyone wishing to contact us can do so by emailing us at

Monday, 3 September 2012

Prison Life I said I would write about Prison Life for the next week. Prison life is not all that easy like the majority of the public think. Monday 3rd September 2012 was told In had doctors appointment only been waiting 3-4 weeks for this I told them I had pains in my lower back without examining me he said take some pain killers. Went to health care at 8.45am see doctor at went back to wing at 10.25am. put radio on  had a coffee. 11.45 going down for dinner 11.50 what a load of shit ham and branston pickle and dry roll went to sleep till 1.30pm go to education for numeracy back on wing at 4.20pm had to have medication saw nurse for it. 4.30 went down for tea thinking it would be a good tea must of been kidding myself cheese salad (Don't eat salads) on phone now at 5.30 on phone now publishing will be banged up at 7pm till 8.15am tomorrow. That is one day of prison life for you. To be continued tomorrow.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Really down in the dumps today Cant think straight or nothing getting my head down now 4pm hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

We have changed the blog to UNFAIR JUSTICE FOR CONS  please let all your friends know , hope to be able to get some more info printed tomorrow we only had an hour out today waited over 40 minutes for the phone, sorry for letting you