Tuesday, 6 August 2013

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Chris Grayling
Crackdown ... Chris Grayling

We’ll axe holiday camp perks in jail so lazy lags must work for privileges


CUSHY “holiday camp” jails will be axed in a new war on perks for idle lags, it was being announced today.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling wants a crackdown on inmates lying in cells watching TV.
All prisoners currently get perks and only lose them for bad behaviour — but would have to earn privileges such as their own tellies under the shake-up.
They would need to take part in prison work or training, and addicts would be required to attend drugs or booze rehab.
Inmates will also be banned from watching certificate 18 DVDs — and subscription TV will be removed from private jails.
Easy ... cell

Mr Grayling said: “It is not right that some prisoners appear to be spending hours languishing in their cells and watching daytime television while the rest of the country goes to work.
“For too long, there has been an expectation that privileges are an automatic right. This cannot continue.”
It was welcomed by Centre for Crime Prevention campaign group director Peter Cuthbertson, who said: “It is much better that prisoners learn they must follow rules, rather than receive expensive perks automatically.”
He pointed out: “Prison must serve as a deterrent.”
But the Howard League for Penal Reform charity’s chief Frances Crook was critical. She said: “The fact the prison population has doubled in the past 20 years has left prisons overcrowded and staff overstretched, with little choice but to lock people up in their cells all day.”


By CHRIS GRAYLING, Justice Secretary
I WANT a prison system that encourages those who want to turn their lives around — and is tougher on those who do not.
Rewards are being given for simply being passive — perks many on the outside cannot afford.
They will be linked to prisoners’ efforts. Those who refuse to co-operate will face a tougher regime.


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      TerryParker 0 likes
      time to start cutting the MP's gravy train too , why have a salary when you claim everything on expenses ??? why more then 4 weeks holiday a year , every other worker dnt get as long except teachers , why do MP's need as long or longer holidays then teachers , ive never been able to find that out , your running the country arent you , except the 12 weeks plus yr away and most weekends , so why do we need you MP's if the country runs without you for 12 weeks a year ????

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      davep1944 0 likes
      About time too, But we will believe it when we see it like all the other empty comments.

      azphreal 0 likes
      Dont worry though because if you are well off or a MP you will get sent to a cushy prison then be let off.

      althalus 4 likes
      This is nothing to do with reform or prisoners earning privileges, this is just another cynical of imposing cuts to save money. They could save a lot more money by cutting MP's expenses and subsidies in the commons bars and restaurants. But there is not much chance of MPs losing out on anything.

      davefree 0 likes
       Saint the 1st I, we, our, your taxes are given to the biggest crooks never likely to go to prison for their crimes, the banksters, and their corporate bodies, you seem very unforgiving to your fellow human beings, I suggest you do some research and direct your anger to the truly elite crimilluminati. Your name does not befit your nature, but I beleive if you research enlightenment will follow.

      Saint the 1st 0 likes
      @davefree - Wow, so what you are telling us is that, prisoners generate and grow their own money trees, wish they could teach me.

      bs - I (the tax payer) fund every prisoner from my taxes, so how did you work that out?

      easypeezy1981 0 likes
       davefree  Well said mate.

      Saint the 1st 0 likes
      @SJ44200 - if I had my own company I wouldn't  like to employ a prison offender, there would be no trust tbh

      davefree 2 likes
      Fact, all prisoners are allocated jobs. Fact all prisoners pay £1 per week for the priveledge of their 14" coloured TV from from their £8.50pence wages. Fact every console, every DVD, every so called perk comes out of their own pockets not as you all assume from taxpayers pockets. The same rule applies in every prison and just think if you didn't dumb down the prison population who would be in the front line of the prisoners unrest, yes the poor old prison officers.

      Saint the 1st 1 like
      Excellent news, but not going to hold my breath as there is now waiting a Human right's Lawyer from Brussels & the EU to award them with more benefits and freebies

      Paul Oak 0 likes
      Simple really, its called work, from breaking rocks and ditch digging, up to the more "safe prisoners" who had jobs being made to carry on going out to work in the day but evenings and weekends in prison using wages to pay for board and lodgings!

      kopkings8 1 like
      yeah right, we believe you!!!! all the usual promises coming coz UKIP has got them terrified then when they hold on to their seat will back out and blame the EU and human rights. NO MORE CHANCES, WE'VE BEEN LIED TO FOR OVER TWO DECADES NOW AND FALLEN FOR IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN. UKIP HERE WE COME!!!!!

      Raskilnikov 1 like
      Wouldn't it be better if politicians worked for privilege's?

      anotherlilsod 3 likes
      reported on BBC news that it will be in "Male" prisons? have YOU LOT seen how Cushy it is in WOMENS prisons? makes some Motels look like dives in comparison

      PeterWhitehead 0 likes
      take back the penal system about 200-300 years and all was right, they were treat as they deserved Scumbags the lot of them You break the law you lose your rights , simple !
      they get better than most of us can afford working. its WRONG

      EmmaFitzgerald 4 likes
      The lags should never have a T.V. in their cell the first place.. They should only get a bed and toilet and fed once a day!!!! P.S they should pay the price of their crimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ColletteBrooks 0 likes
      about time, has some one actually thought that that is the reason there are so many re affenders???

      philm 5 likes
      Too little. Too late. UKIP is coming

      SJ44200 0 likes
      How about making prisoners leave prison with some sort of job to walk into?  Current education in prisons is primary-school stuff for the illiterates.  For anyone literate, there is absolutely no training for future work, or any jobs to come out to.
      THAT bothers me a whole lot more than prisoners having TVs, to be honest.

      iansheff 0 likes
      Just watching this on the news now, it said MALE prisoners will lose their  perks, so are women not going to lose theirs as well? If that's the case then  looks like there will be appeals for equality from the men.

      reff 0 likes
      "Humphrey!" "PM?" " UKIP are taking our voters!" "Only the stupidest ones, surely…" "But what would we be without our core of the unthinking, vindictive and mad?" "The Lib-Dems?" "Bernard!" "Sorry." "We need to look tougher. Sink an Argentinian ship or something!" "Hardly…" "Well it worked before…" "Perhaps a photo opportunity? You kicking a child refugee?" "Well…" "Joke! Prisons? A minister standing toughly next to prison bars?" "Yes! But he has to have a reason for being in the jail…" "Most of the cabinet have a reason for—” "Bernard!" "He can ANNOUNCE something PM!" "But what?" "It doesn't matter what. How about restricting their TV?" "Don't we do that already?" "Of COURSE we do but the people who read the Sun won't know that." "Excellent Humphrey, we need someone no one knows, or they'll think he should be in jail anyway." "May? IDS? Osborne? Oh, I see what you mean…" "I know! Gray!" "Who?" "Precisely! Now don't tell Farage or he'll be there first."

      vet 0 likes
      I will believe when I see it..

      emac 1 like
      And enter stage right: all of the bleeding heart liberals who bleat on about human rights.
      When you commit a crime and behave like an animal, you lose all entitlement to human rights.
      You want human rights? Then behave like a human.
      Personally, I would give them a mattress and a bucket to pee in and nothing more.

      AndrewWoodcock 3 likes
      Deprivatise the prisons then the change will happen !!! If they're not then this is just HOT AIR being said for votes !!! Unfortunately Minister people are understanding how you M,Ps  look down on us mere mortals,and we are'nt going to swallow this CRAP for much longer !!!
      Time to do some work !!! And i don't mean filling out your expense sheet !!!!

      alan62 1 like
      When some have more on the inside than the outside you know something is not right.

      big-oaf 0 likes
      Ok employ more prison officers as there is going to be a lot of unrest.

      deefur 6 likes
      It aint rocket science is it...........they should doing that anyway.........growing their own food maintaining the prison buildings.
      Take all the tv's out of the cells and put more beds in.................they aren't on holiday.
      One TV in a central recreation area is enough..................they don't lke it, tough don't do the crime and get put inside !
      Prison should be about punishment........not reform...........because we know that doesn't work............most of them want to get back inside because it's the easy option. !!

      world_to_rights 0 likes
      That STILL isn't good enough in my opinion - they're meant to be there for punishment, instead they're treated like grounded teenagers! ALL prisoners should be made to work - whether that be hard labour, cleaning the streets in chain gangs wearing jumpsuits, all in uniforms, growing their own food and cooking their own food, cleaning their laundry etc. Any monies earned should go to their victims, legal costs and/or their bed and board. NO television, no games, no music classes, restricted reading material, no clerics encouraging conversions - the absolute basics. If they complain about their human rights then remind them they abused someone else's/broke the law so it's tough and if they don't like it then don't come back!

      socart 1 like
       Mr Spock , I thought half our MP's were in jail? LOL

      sopara2k10 2 likes
      "chief Frances Crook was critical. She said: “The fact the prison population has doubled in the past 20 years has left prisons overcrowded and staff overstretched, with little choice but to lock people up in their cells all day.""

      So? The sheer boredom of prison would serve as a deterrent and stop people wanting to go back! but if they have tv it makes it a lot more tolerable which is a bad thing in the context of what is supposed to be a punishment.

      kian 2 likes
      I can hear it all now, that's against my human rights lol

      gibsones335 2 likes
      Justice Secretary Chris Grayling should visit Alcatraz and see what a real prison should be like. He should then make sure that all our prisons are replicas in design and the way they bare run.

      vicious.sid 0 likes
      Ho hum, we haven't got elections coming up, have we? What's that I see in the distance, could it be a u-turn? Let me assure you, good law abiding people of Britain, the perks that prisoners get are NOT taken away for bad behaviour. They probably are for minor offences, but I can ASSURE you that the worst behaved you are, the more violent you are, the more of a dirty druggy you are, you get the perks straight away without working for them. Only the best behaved who follow the rules actually have to EARN the perks and they are taken away again for the slightest transgression. Prison is only a deterrent for the good people who are not career criminals and miss their families - career criminals love it. It's totally wrong.

      Mr Spock 3 likes
      Yeah right, then who foots the bill when all the prison riots begin when their tv's have been taken away ? Half of these imbecile MP's should be in jail, then let them do a days work for a change.

      allyd2 0 likes
      Surely the point is whether or not they work there should be NO privileges, jail is a punishment  and should be treated as such .

      @decentandhonest Chain gang the scum...i bet you bring a lot to a sensible conversation numpty

      ive been inside its hard 2 get jobs in there as its same as outside not enough 2 go around.education is another thing though the amount of kids ive seen inside who cannot read and write is ridiculous,i think all illiterate people on a sentence of 2 yr and above should not be working but doing education,if they learn to read write etc they might be able to get a job on the outside and stop reoffending

      The Cyd 0 likes
      The Government will have to get rid of the Human rights law and the Health and safety one.
      I cannot see it happening though as they have one big stumbling block.
      Do Gooders.

      robbed 0 likes
      I'm not holding my breath.

      tcc 0 likes
      I've just had the first draft rushed to me as to what the draconian measures are going to be! 1, lights out at 10 pm (but they can use their table lamps!) 2. Their mobile phones will only be charged up once a week. 3. The TV will be switched off at 7pm, however they will still be able to watch videos (especially of porridge) until 9.30pm. 4. Only three choices of main course and puddings will be allowed at lunch and dinner times. 5. The prisoners will only be allowed 3 hours of nuptial visits from their wifes or boyfriends on Sunday morning after their swimming and yoga classes. 6. The Monday evening darts and snooker tournament will be stopped until further notice. 7. And finally only two spoonfuls of sugar will be allowed per cup of tea/coffee/cocoa. Her Majesty's Prison Service, will ask for these measures to be implemented after seeking permission from the prisoners union....Prisoners in Search of Freedom or PISOF for short!

      LukeKJ 0 likes
      Good luck with your plans. Training programmes are limited to how many they can place due to health and safety. You are sent to prison as punishment not for punishment. Many will try to sue for breach of human rights. What about the people on remand who are fighting to be free?

      Do you really want the images of Strangeways going up in smoke on international news again or have British prisons likened to Eastern European prisons of the Soviet era? Try sitting down with serving Prison Officers and asking for their advice on the best way to deal with prisoners.
      It's no good asking a baker how to grow corn, they might be part of the chain but don't know everything.

      dakota1876 0 likes
      In theory a good idea, in practise of course it will never work, because of the PC Brigade and the ECHR, prisoners will shout the magic words "human rights" and it will be back to square one.

      worriedlad 0 likes
      Cris Greyling is anoither one that is living in Cockoo  Land------- He is NO better than ALL the others before him .--------When are they going to see that PRISON is SUPPOSED to be a PUNISHMENT.NOT a Holiday.------ There should NOT be TV or anything else  for that matter.--- The offenders are there for PUNISHMENT and all the time they find that it is better of IN PRISON  they will KEEP offending so as to go  back to a nice life at the EXPENCE of the TAX PAYER and the stupidy of the Home Office

      brjt 0 likes
      They should put prisoners in care homes, then they'll be treated badly, get given nasty food to eat and have no life quality..... THEN they should put the pensioners in prison where they will have TV's, heating, Playstations, decent food, libraries, free access to a gym - the list is endless.

      birdjaguar 0 likes
      Empty PR rubbish from another self inflated ego that wouldn't find a job in the real world. Benefit scrounger

      cb155tw 0 likes
      So many people go to jail for petty crimes again and again, cos there's no real punishment doing time in the present prison system. Most of them do have a better life inside than out, that's why they don't care about re-offending. Make it tougher in prison then they'll not want to be back in there so easily and quickly.

      Don't be saying it's only petty crimes people...wait till they burgle your house or steal your car, then ask yourself again should they just watch tv all days long for their punishment!?!

      tierwatcher 0 likes
      Why do Prisoners have to have TV's in the first place? Put an END to this Luxury Life for these Prisoners who are serving Time for Crimes against other Citizens, Children or Animals!!!!
      A Bible and 24/7 Lock up is More than they deserve and will act as a Deterrent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      paul_hutchinson 0 likes
       antisocialist Why on earth is it a 'RIGHT' to have a television in your cell? Prison is a punishment for gods sake. No tv's, hard labour and bread for tea. Surely this would make them think twice before committing another crime.

      trebor44 0 likes
      Its about time something was done about our holiday camp prisons, but now watch out for all these bleeding hearts, human rights brigade, and our greatest enemy, THE EU.

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