Wednesday 21 February 2024

No Heating for 2 weeks no hot water for 2 days at HMP LITTLEHEY

This is a copy of a letter sent to Prison Inspector 

I am writing to bring to your attention the concerning conditions that have been reported at HMP Littlehey. It has come to my attention that there have been ongoing issues regarding the lack of access to basic necessities such as hot water and heating for the inmates. This is unacceptable and raises serious concerns about the well-being and dignity of the individuals in the facility.

I urge you to conduct a thorough investigation into these conditions and take immediate action to ensure that the rights and needs of the inmates at HMP Littlehey are being met in accordance with the standards set by the prison service. It is imperative that all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, are treated with respect and provided with the necessary amenities for a safe and humane living environment.

Additionally, I intend to raise awareness about this issue through my blog in order to shed light on the situation and advocate for change. I believe that by bringing attention to these injustices, we can work towards creating a more just and compassionate 


Friday 17 November 2023

prison nurse jailed

The Independent
Prison nurse and inmate lover among 16 jailed for 'flooding' jail ...
27 Oct 2023 — Hatfield, of HMP New Hall, was jailed for 10 years and two months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply class A and class B drugs, ...
Nursing assistant and inmate lover jailed over £1m prison drug ...
27 Oct 2023 — Amy Hatfield, a 38-year-old nursing assistant, and 16 co-conspirators smuggled more than £1million of drugs, knives and mobile phones into HMP ...

The Telegraph › news
Prison nurse Amy Hatfield flooded HMP Lindholme with drugs in £1m ...
27 Oct 2023 — Amy Hatfield sentenced to 10 years inside after being recruited by convict lover to bring contraband into HMP Lindholme, near Doncaster.
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Yorkshire Post
Yorkshire prison nurse caught with £1m worth of drugs as part of ...
28 Apr 2023 — A nurse at a Yorkshire prison was caught with around £1m worth of drugs as part of an investigation into a huge drugs conspiracy.

Barnsley Chronicle › ...
'Trusted' nurse jailed for drug supply
3 Nov 2023 — ... nurse at HMP Lindholme near Doncaster when she was arrested at the prison. ... She has been sentenced to total of ten years and two months in ...

Daily Mail › news
Infatuated prison nurse who had sexual relationship with inmate is ...
27 Oct 2023 — Amy Hatfield, 38, played a key role in the operation at HMP Lindholme in South Yorkshire whilst having a sexual relationship with inmate Joseph ... › ... › News
Nurse and inmate among 16 sentenced in UK's biggest ever ...
27 Oct 2023 — ... HMP Lindholme with drugs and phones. You even brought in a knife," the judge said. Hatfield was jailed for 10 years and two months at ...

LBC › news › men...
Mental health nurse and prison inmate who became lovers among ...
27 Oct 2023 — Amy Hatfield, 38, a mental health nursing assistant at HMP Lindholme in South Yorkshire, has been sentenced to more than 10 years in jail.

HMP Lindholme nursing assistant and inmate lover 'flooded' prison ...
18 Oct 2023 — A prison health worker "flooded" a jail with drugs by smuggling packages to her inmate lover, 
HMP Lindholme: UK's biggest prison drug-smuggling gang ...
27 Oct 2023 — A health worker at the heart of the biggest prison drug-smuggling ring ever uncovered 

sex offender naked in woods except for a balaclava

A convicted sex offender was wandering around some woods in Derbyshire stark naked apart for a balaclava. Derby Crown Court heard how unfortunately for Carl Boers he was spotted in that state by an off-duty police officer.

When the 27-year-old was arrested he told police he “gets aroused at the thought of being caught”. And he has previous similar offences from when he lived in Oxfordshire for carrying out multiple lewd acts including sitting in a church without any clothes on and getting sexually aroused.

Handing him a three-year community order, Recorder Graham Huston said: “This is behaviour that has got to stop. The potential for causing real distress is evident and you can’t continue acting in this 
Raglan Ashton, prosecuting, said the incident took place in Eckington Woods, Eckington, at around 6.30pm on April 12, this year. He said: “The woods are close to an urban area and he was naked apart from having a balaclava over his head.
“He was running out from some trees with his hand over his genital area, then moved his hands apart for a short time and then covered his genital area with them again. The person who saw this was an off-duty police officer who was going for a walk in the woods.
“He says that there are often plenty of children in those woods. The defendant was arrested a short distance 

“'I have taken a risk too far. I have been in those woods naked several times before. I was wearing a balaclava because I did not want to be recognised 

Thursday 16 November 2023

paedophile asked 13 year old to take pants off

Pensioner asked 13-year-old Derby 'girl' to take off pants
But 'Holly' was really an 
A Derbyshire pensioner befriended who he believed was a 13-year-old girl online and asked her to remove her underwear for him. Derby Crown Court heard how Brian Murphy also asked the teen if she had touched a male sexually before and told her he could meet her in Derby.

When she later told him she had been in trouble at school for wearing a skirt which was deemed too short, he asked her how short it was. But unbeknown to the 65-year-old, “Holly” was really an undercover police 
Handing him a two-year community order, Judge Shaun Smith KC said: “You were involved with what you thought was a 13-year-old child and that is a criminal offence. Everyone who has common sense knows 
“You are a man who, until now, has got to the age of 65 without getting into any trouble and now you have been caught for this. I have read your pre-sentence report and the probation service have deemed you as someone who presents a low risk of reoffending and they think with their help you can put all of this behind you and not commit any further ΔΊ
Abigail Joyce, prosecuting, said an undercover police officer posing as Holly began communicating with Murphy online in July 2021. She said the officer made it clear to the defendant that she was only 13 and that she lived in Derby.
The prosecutor said: “He asked her what she liked and what she looked like and [said] that he lived locally. He said he could be in town the following day and said he was concerned about being found out (as she was only 13).
“The defendant asked Holly what she was OK doing and asked if she would take her knickers off. He gave Holly his phone number and their conversation moved to WhatsApp where she said she had been in trouble at school as her skirt was too short and he asked her how short it was. He asked her if she had touched a boy sexually before and if she would get into a car with him.”
Miss Joyce said after being arrested, Murphy admitted he had been speaking online to a different 12-year-old child but could not recall any conversations he had with Holly.
She said: “He later admitted he did get sexual gratification from it but he denied having any sexual interest in children stating he ‘just enjoyed being wanted’.”

Friday 3 November 2023

Paedophile police officer

A predatory paedophile police officer who incited more than 200 young girls to send him degrading pictures and videos of themselves over Snapchat has been branded “cruel and sadistic” as he received 13 life sentences.
Lewis Edwards posed as a teenage boy to groom 210 girls aged between 10 and 16 and forced them to send him indecent images of themselves that he secretly recorded.

He then blackmailed many of his victims with threats to tell their family and friends unless they sent increasingly graphic content and even sent them videos of him performing sex acts upon himself.

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The 24-year-old also threatened to bomb the house of one of his victims and shoot her parents if she stopped sending him images, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

Many of his victims have suffered at his hands, self-harming, feeling suicidal and developing anxiety and depression.

One was so traumatised she slept with a hammer under her pillow.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke, the Recorder of Cardiff, imposed 13 life sentences for each of the most serious offences and imposed a minimum term of imprisonment of 12 years.

“He has caused significant harm to the victims, to their parents, their siblings and their wider families,” the judge said.

“It is clear that he not only gained sexual gratification from his offending but that he also enjoyed the power and control that he had over these young girls.

“His reaction to their distress can properly be described as cruel and sadistic.

“His offending is significantly aggravated by the fact that he was a serving police officer.

“Many of his victims and their families have said that his actions have caused them to lose trust in the police.

“There is no doubt he has caused significant harm to the reputation of South Wales Police and to policing generally.”

Lewis Edwards was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 12 years for his crimes (South Wales Police/PA)
Lewis Edwards was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 12 years for his crimes (South Wales Police/PA)

Many of the victims and their families sat in the packed public gallery for the hearing but Edwards had refused again to attend, with the judge saying she did not have the power to force him to appear.

Edwards, who joined the force in January 2021 and has since resigned, had previously pleaded guilty to 22 counts of blackmail, 138 child sex offences and a further offence of refusing to disclose the password to a mobile phone and USB stick.

The court heard all but one of the victims were abused while he was a serving police officer, and he targeted one teenager just 17 days after meeting her as part of his duties.

Investigators found that on 30 occasions, Edwards was in contact with his victims while on duty.

Detectives raided the home Edwards shared with his parents in Bridgend, South Wales, in February this year and seized mobile phones, a computer, USB sticks and a hard drive.

Police found he had forced the girls to expose their breasts and genitals and to perform sex acts on themselves over Snapchat, which he then secretly recorded and used for blackmail.

The court was shown some of the videos Edwards had recorded of his victims and in one, a teenage girl can be seen crying and wiping tears from her eyes.

In a victim impact statement, the girl described Edwards as a “paedophile” and added: “I was a little girl.

“I feel embarrassed, disgusted and abused. I lost my innocence.”

In another clip, Edwards can be heard masturbating as he encourages his 12-year-old victim to do the same.

We have extra protections for under-18s and recently added a new pop-up warning for teens if they are contacted by someone who they don't know

Snapchat spokeswoman
Several victims said their trust of the police has been shattered.

One girl said: “You are supposed to trust the police and he did this to me. I really hate him for what he has done.”

The mother of one child added: “The smirk he gave us in court shows that he has no remorse.

“I do not think he can or will have any understanding or care how he has impacted his victims.

“Lewis Edwards, I want you to know that as a family we will never forgive you and we feel nothing for you but hate.”

In a statement released following the case, a spokeswoman for Snapchat said the social media platform had recently added a new warning for teenagers.

“Any sexual exploitation of young people is abhorrent and illegal and our hearts go out to the victims in this case,” she said.

“We work in multiple ways to detect and prevent this type of abuse including using cutting-edge detection technology, and we work with police to support investigations.

“We have extra protections for under-18s and recently added a new pop-up warning for teens if they are contacted by someone who they don’t know. Our Family Centre allows parents to see who their teens are talking to.”

Edwards, of Heol Ty Cribwr, Cefn Glas, Bridgend, previously pleaded guilty to 161 offences, including blackmail, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, making a child watch a sex act, demanding indecent images of children, and making indecent images of children.

Tuesday 31 October 2023

paedophile messaged 2 girls on Xbox

Kris Hatton previously appeared before the courts in 2021 after amassing hundreds of sick child sex abuse images

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Kris Hatton, 31, of Princes Avenue, Toxteth
Kris Hatton, 31, previously appeared before Liverpool Crown Court in December 2021
A paedophile who messaged two young girls on his PlayStation claimed he does not have a sexual interest in children.

Kris Hatton previously appeared before Liverpool Crown Court in December 2021 after amassing hundreds of sick child sex abuse images. Hatton avoided prison due to his complex learning difficulties, but a sexual harm prevention order was enforced to monitor his usage of electronic devices.

However, part of the order meant the 31-year-old was regularly visited by specialist officers from Merseyside Police's sexual offences unit. When officers attended his address on March 15 this year, they looked at Hatton's iPhone and examinations revealed that part of its history had been wiped.

Prosecutor Paul Blasbery told Liverpool Crown Court today, Monday, October 30, that Hatton was noted to be acting suspiciously, and at one point attempted to snatch back his phone. The iPhone was taken away for further examination and officers were able to recover nearly 200 indecent images of children.

These included 137 category C images, 28 category B files and 33 category A images. The category A images, the most serious category, showed girls aged between eight and 10 years old. The category B and C images showed girls as young as six. The officers also recovered 11 prohibited computer generated images of females aged between six and 10.

The examinations also revealed the phone had Mega NZ software installed on it, which was not allowed and was a breach of the sexual harm prevention order. Mr Blasbery said Hatton was interviewed and told officers he "did not know why he had the pictures, he just did".

Hatton, of Princes Avenue, Toxteth, also claimed the pictures "were not for sexual gratification". He was released under investigation, but around four months later on July 13, police received a report he had used his PlayStation to speak to two girls aged five and eight. Mr Blasbery told the court the defendant asked the girls "if they wanted to have a sleepover".

Officers raided his address shortly after 10pm that day and arrested him. They found five registered devices at his address - three phones and two PlayStations - but also an unregistered Amazon Alexa which was a further breach of his sexual harm prevention order. When interviewed Hatton, who has two previous convictions for six offences, answered no comment to all questions.

In mitigation, Charles Lander, defending, told the court his client, who lives in supported accommodation, has learning difficulties and was "obsessive about online gaming which is how he spends his time". A judge in a previous sentence put on record Hatton has an IQ of 60.

Mr Lander said his client had "a lack of friend and family support" and was isolated. Despite the haul of images, Mr Lander said Hatton maintains "he does not have a sexual interest in children".

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He added his client had been on remand at HMP Altcourse since his guilty pleas to the offences at the lower court. Hatton pleaded guilty to making and possessing indecent images of children, possessing prohibited images and two breaches of the sexual harm prevention order. There was not a charge in relation to communicating with a sexual purpose to the two children on PlayStation.

Given Hatton's learning difficulties, Mr Lander said rehabilitation programmes outside of an immediate custodial sentence could be beneficial to his client. He added the court potentially "could take a risk on him".

His Honour Judge Denis Watson KC told Hatton that his reoffending came around half way through the previous community order enforced by the court in December 2021. He said Hatton's "harmful behaviour" was the opposite of what the order was intended for.

He jailed Hatton, who wore a blue tracksuit and had medium length black hair, to 30 months imprisonment. He also made a forfeiture order for Hatton's electronic devices and enforced a new sexual harm prevention order which will run indefinitely 

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Paedophile tells police

David Eyre blamed his offences on a pornography addiction - but he claimed he could not afford the sessions to help himself
David Eyre, 55, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court
David Eyre, 55, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court
"I know what this is about." These were the words of a 'monster' paedophile when police raided his house earlier this year.

David Eyre, 55, who claimed his offending was due to a pornography addiction, was targeted by Merseyside Police officers from the specialist Online Child Abuse Investigation Team on June 20 this year following a lengthy investigation into his online activity, the Liverpool ECHO reports. Liverpool Crown Court heard yesterday (October 23) how Eyre told officers "I know what this is about" when they visited his Southport home and pointed at his computer, adding, "the devices are down there".

Prosecuting barrister Robert Dudley said police found "a computer tower" and three hard drives. The defendant added there was also another computer at his mum's address. An iPhone was also seized and examinations found its search history included "1970s school girl pornography" and "extreme beastiality".

During his first interview he answered no comment. However, after examining his electronic devices police officers found a disturbing haul of indecent images that included a number of photographs and videos of the same child. On August 16, Eyre's home was raided again and a second iPhone was found along with a suicide note.

Mr Dudley told the court how when questioned again the defendant admitted to having an addiction to pornography. He said he was "desensitised" to extreme pornography and added "when you're bored it pulls you back in". The court heard he had sought help for his addiction in the past but could not afford the sessions.

He said his addiction dated back 35 years but this was the first time he had acted on it and "was a threat". The court heard Eyre's devices contained hundreds of images and videos.

During the interview, Eyre, who had last wiped his computer three to four months before his arrest, said: "I'm glad of the intervention." The offending started when the victim was just 15 months old and continued until she was four.

Three moving victim impact statements were read to the court by Mr Dudley. The victim's dad said: "When I found out she had been sexually assaulted my heart sank." He said: "How can a monster hurt a beautiful, innocent girl". The court heard how the victim's family "don't know what damage this will cause in the future".

The victim's mum added she was "numb" when she was told what happened and "everything felt mumbled". She said she felt guilt because her daughter would have "wondered why we weren't there in her time of need".

She added her daughter's "innocence was taken away" and she would now have a "lifetime of picking up the pieces". Lastly, the victim's nan added the family is "going through a grieving process" and their "world crumbled" after Eyre's criminality was revealed.

Officers investigating Eyre not only charged him with assaulting a girl under 13 by penetration and touching, but also three counts of taking indecent images and three counts of possessing indecent images, among a number of other charges.

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He possessed hundreds of images, including nearly 650 category A - images of the most serious nature - that he had made himself. He also possessed images of prepubescent girls as young as seven.

Louise McCloskey, defending, said: "What can one say about these types of offences" and added it was all said in the victim impact statements heard in court. She said the offences would have been like a "hand grenade going off" for the victim's family.

In mitigation, she added that the defendant had written an extensive letter to the court which "showed proper acknowledgement of the harm he has caused". Ms McCloskey added the defendant had his own difficulties as a child and these issues had manifested into a porn addiction.

She said the defendant should be entitled to full credit - due to his earlier guilty plea to 16 different offences at magistrates' court - and asked that any sentence issued be "significant, but determinate".

His Honour Judge Robert Trevor-Jones told the defendant he was treating the two counts of penetration as the lead offences on the indictment. The judge acknowledged Eyre's letter had expressed remorse and referred to desensitisation surrounding the serious pornography.

Judge Trevor-Jones told Eyre his addiction was "entrenched behaviour" and saw him "completely preoccupied". But he also acknowledged how Eyre was a "psychological, physical and emotional risk to children" and only an immediate and lengthy custodial sentence would suffice.

The judge sentenced Eyre, who wore a short-sleeved flowery shirt during court, to 14 years with an extended licence period of five years. He will also have to sign the sex offenders' register for life. The judge also enforced a sexual harm prevention order, a deprivation order on his electronic devices and a restraining order to prevent him contacting the victim or her family.

Detective Inspector Victoria Tinsley, from Merseyside Police's Online Child Abuse Investigation Team, said: "Merseyside Police is completely committed to bringing child sex offenders before the courts, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. We have specialist officers within our Online Child Abuse Investigations team who are dedicated to investigating these crimes, bringing those responsible before the courts and ultimately protecting young people from unimaginable suffering.

"Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to stress that if you have experienced any form of sexual abuse, or know of a child being abused, please come forward and report this to police. We take all such reports extremely seriously and if you can find the courage to come forward and speak to us we have specially trained officers who will treat you