Friday, 29 January 2016

Milly Dowler killer's sister urges police to investigate the disappearances of two women, one a student, near where he worked.
11:28, UK, Friday 29 January 2016

Levi Bellfield
The sister of serial killer Levi Bellfield has said she believes he murdered at least two more women.
It comes after police said on Thursday they believed Bellfield could be linked to around another 20 attacks, including the killing of his school friend Patsy Morris on Hounslow Heath in 1980.
He would have been just 12 at the time.
Earlier this week, Bellfield finally confessed to the murder of Milly Dowler, 13, who was abducted on her way home from school in Walton-on-Thames in March 2002. Her body was found in a wood 25 miles away.
Bellfield has also been linked to the 1996 hammer killings of mother and daughter Lin and Megan Russell in Kent.
Colin Sutton, the detective who led the investigation into Levi Bellfield.
His other victims, Marsha McDonnell (2003) and Amelie Delagrange (2004), were murdered in a similar way - hit over the head with a blunt object.
Ann-Marie Bellfield, his paternal half-sister, wants police to look into the disappearances of student Elizabeth Chau, 19, in April 1999, and US-born computer graduate Lola Shenkoya, 27, in January 2000 - who were both last seen in Ealing, west London.
"At that time, Levi Bellfield had a clamping business in West Ealing, which was in the area that they disappeared from, and I do believe somehow he is linked to those cases," she told the Daily Mirror.
She said he rang her while on remand in prison for the murders of Ms Delagrange and Ms McDonnell and said the police were trying to pin the other two cases on him, but insisted he had nothing to do with them.
Describing him as a "monster" and "cruel and unfeeling", she continued: "I do believe he is capable of anything."
She said she also believed Bellfield converted to Islam about five years ago while in Belmarsh, where he changed his name to Yusuf Rahim, because he was scared of what might happen to him in prison as a convicted child killer.
"He was fearful of getting a smack in the gob or worse," she said.
Colin Sutton, a former Metropolitan Police detective who sat in on interviews with Bellfield, told Sky News he wanted him to take responsibility for the series of other offences he has committed.
"He travelled extensively and committed crimes wherever he was," said Mr Sutton.
"I think what's important to me is that there may be a chance for him to confess and for him to get to the bottom of what went on in lots of other cases."