Saturday, 19 November 2016

I don't often comment on a lot of things but I feel very strongly about the prison sentence system.

My son was sentenced to discretionary life with a tariff of 8 years that was back in 1993 he is still inside.  He has been told you have to do this course and this course but there is never the course available in the prison he is in. 

He has not seen his dad for approximately 9 years his dad is now 96 years old he has had numerous health issues in the past 3 years without him also suffering from Cancer for some years.  My son tried to apply for compassionate leave to see his dad before it becomes to late so far no joy at all. 

Yes I feel sorry for the IPP's but there are so many lifers past tariff some even longer past tariff than my son so lets not forget the FORGOTTEN LIFERS also.