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Schoolgirl, 14, held prisoner by three men, plied with drugs and forced to have sex ‘with 20 people’ in five days

Warwick Crown Court heard how she was found in her underwear trying to climb out of a first floor bathroom when she was rescued by cops
THREE men plied a 14-year-old schoolgirl with drugs and forced her to have sex with 20 men have been convicted.
The sick trio advertised the teen as a prostitute and pretended she was 18 years old.
 Brandon Sharples was found guilty of facilitating the sexual exploitation of a child
Brandon Sharples was found guilty of facilitating the sexual exploitation of a child
Jake Cairns, 21, Brendon Sharples, 20, and Jack McInally, 21, posted her on adult contract site Viva Street and kept her captive for five days.
Warwick Crown Court heard how she was found in her underwear trying to climb out of a first floor bathroom when she was rescued by cops in 2015.
The abduction was looked into after a relative in Coventry reported the girl had gone missing.
Cairns was tracked down by officers after they found an email address linked to the 21-year-old on the Viva Street advert.
 Jake Cairns was additionally found guilty of arranging child sexual exploitation and taking and distributing indecent images of a child
Jake Cairns was additionally found guilty of arranging child sexual exploitation and taking and distributing indecent images of a child
 Jack McInally will be sentenced alongside the other two in January
Jack McInally will be sentenced alongside the other two in January
The ad featured horrifying images of the young girl.
DNA discovered on a duvet in a room, where she was forced to "entertain" clients, was traced to five separate people, including Cairns.
They were all found guilty of facilitating the sexual exploitation of a child on Tuesday.
Cairns, of Coventry, was additionally found guilty of arranging child sexual exploitation and taking and distributing indecent images of a child.
He will be sentenced alongside Sharples, of Coventry and McInally, of no fixed address, at Birmingham Crown Court on January 8. The trio were remanded in custody.
Detective Constable Jon Barker, of West Midlands Police, said: "These three men were involved with the shocking exploitation of a young girl - they took advantage of her drug dependency and made money out of forcing her to have sex with strangers.
"Cairns initially denied knowing the girl but later changed his story after he was identified during an ID procedure - and our financial enquiries showed he'd paid for the Viva Street advert via his own bank account.
"Now that a jury has found them guilty they can expect to be handed long jail terms."

The Old Vic admits its findings into claims against the actor are "distressing" - so why have they not been reported until now?
Kevin Spacey
Image:Actor and former Old Vic artistic director Kevin Spacey
Why were so many afraid to speak out over the alleged sexual misconduct of Kevin Spacey during his tenure at the Old Vic?
Those who worked with Spacey - observing or experiencing his alleged misconduct - were apparently unclear what to do or whether their concerns would be taken seriously.
It all sounds eerily familiar - people were too afraid to speak up for fear they'd never work again. Remind you of anyone?
The Old Vic's hand was effectively forced when Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos publicly claimed it was an open secret at the theatre - that everyone had their own "Kevin Spacey story".
Kevin Spacey was artistic director at the Old Vic between 2004 and 2015
Image:Kevin Spacey was artistic director at the Old Vic between 2004 and 2015
The theatre, which has consistently denied any knowledge of claims against Spacey at the time, hired an external law firm to carry out its own research.
As briefing notes were handed out to the small group of journalists who'd been invited to discuss the findings, senior management admitted what they'd found out was "distressing".
Fourteen of the allegations were so serious that complainants were advised by the investigators to take the matter up with the police. Three said they already had.
Claims ranged from behaviour that made people feel uncomfortable through to actions that were sexually inappropriate.
More than half of the alleged incidents took place in the theatre itself - either in the building's creative areas (rehearsal spaces or backstage) or in the theatre's bar.
The Old Vic
Video:Theatre says 20 claims made against Spacey
There were pockets of knowledge, it would seem, where people had their suspicions but crucially concerns weren't escalated.
The Old Vic has been keen to stress that no legal claims or formal grievances were made during Spacey's tenure.
So how comes they weren't reported?
Louise McMullan from the acting union Equity says she can understand why people didn't come forward.
She said: "Workers in our industry, particularly actors and other creative workers who we represent, they're precarious workers they are often freelance or have a self-employed status, and they fear that if they complain and put their head above the parapet that they might not get the next job."
Film director Joelle David told me, even now, people are still afraid to speak up.
"I think the problem with this industry is you are always in constant fear someone will take your place should you speak up," he said.
"So people just often grin and bear it because it's better than you being looked down upon or victim shamed because you've spoken up."
Heather Unruh alleges Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her son in 2016
Video:Spacey claim: 'My son was star-struck young man'
The Old Vic says its contacted Spacey to inform him of their investigation, but that they've received no response from him.
Once the toast of British theatre, now Spacey seems to have gone to ground, hiding from the claims against him.
The theatre itself says it "apologises wholeheartedly to the people who told us that they've been affected."
Reading out a statement on the theatre's behalf, its executive director Kate Varah said: "We've learnt that it's not enough to have the right process in place, everyone needs to feel able to speak out, no matter who they are.
"Much has changed at the Old Vic in recent years and we will continue to work and to model and safeguard the open culture that we want the old Vic to be known for."
It would seem that open culture needs to extend way beyond the walls of the Old Vic. Misuse of power within film and theatre seems to be a problem that's systemic.

A paramedic says the teacher suffered the worst stabbing injuries he has seen, including one blow that went through her body.
Ann Maguire was stabbed upper back and neck seven times from behind
Image:Ann Maguire was stabbed seven times by Will Cornick in 2014
A teacher who was killed by one of her pupils gasped "I'm dying" after being repeatedly knifed by the 15-year-old, an inquest has heard.
Ann Maguire was stabbed from behind seven times with a seven-inch knife by Will Cornick in a classroom at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds in April 2014.
As children ran away screaming Mrs Maguire, who was bleeding heavily, ran to an office, Wakefield Coroner's Court heard.
Cornick followed behind, and the court heard that he smiled at the police officer who arrested him as Mrs Maguire lay dying on a stretcher.
A paramedic told the hearing that the teacher had suffered the worst stabbing injuries he had ever witnessed, including one wound that went completely through her body from back to front.
Mrs Maguire's husband, Don Maguire, closed his eyes and held a hand to his face and two of her sisters kept their heads bowed as details of the attack were recalled.
Coroner Kevin McLoughlin read a series of witness statements, including that of Susan Francis, head of modern languages at the school.
Ms Francis said she was in a staff office when she suddenly heard "all this screaming" and children "running down the corridor, screaming looking horrified".
Mrs Maguire then appeared holding the back of her neck, saying: "He's stabbed me in the neck."
Her statement continued: "She came running into the office, then the lad followed her. Then I shut the office door and put my foot against it. It was literally a split second.
Cornick had posted threats on social media but pupils had not taken him seriously
Image:Cornick was jailed for life for Mrs Maguire's murder
"He just stood looking at me. No emotion. I just remember his face having no emotion. Like a mask on his face.
"I could see cuts on her jumper and lots of bleeding coming out of her neck.
"She said, 'I can't breathe. I'm dying.' I just kept stroking her and kissing her. She knew she was dying.
"Her colour was going. The ambulance people arrived, their faces looked like they had walked into some kind of Armageddon."
Paramedic Carl Sagar was first on the scene and took Mrs Maguire to hospital.
"In all my career the stab wounds inflicted on Ann were the worst I have ever seen," he said in his statement.
Police officer Katie Myles was called to the school and recalled having a bizarre exchange with Cornick as she arrested him.
He first asked her for ice for his hand which he had hurt, the court heard.
Her statement continued: "Cornick then asked me, 'What is your favourite movie?'
"Cornick then asked, 'What is your favourite adrenaline sport? I love adrenaline sport'. Cornick then smiled showing no remorse for what he had done."
Medics at Leeds General Infirmary tried to resuscitate Mrs Maguire for 40 minutes before, in the presence of her husband, a decision was made to stop.
A pathologist report said there were no defence injuries and Mrs Maguire had been stabbed seven times in the back after being "taken by surprise", with the fatal wound being "stab wound three" to her jugular.
The inquest heard that the "intelligent" but "weird" Cornick had clashed with Mrs Maguire after she refused to let him drop Spanish.
In November 2014 he was jailed for life for murder and ordered to spend at least 20 years in custody

Police say they continue to investigate whether the teenager "has come to harm through an act of crime or whether she is missing".
Gaia Pope had not been seen for nearly a week
Image:Gaia Pope has not been seen for more than a week
Police searching for missing teenager Gaia Pope have arrested a 49-year-old man on suspicion of murder.
The suspect is from the Swanage area and is believed to be known to the 19-year-old, Detective Superintendent Paul Kessel said on Thursday.
He is the third person to be arrested on suspicion of Gaia's murder, with a 19-year-old man and a 71-year-old woman released under investigation earlier in the week.
Confirmation of the latest arrest came just hours after police revealed they had found items of women's clothing in a field near Swanage.
DS Kessel said: "We have arrested a 49-year-old male on suspicion of murder. He is believed to be known to Gaia and is from the Swanage area.
"We have been conducting this inquiry for two weeks and it's our responsibility to explore every avenue of inquiry. That's important to us.
"We continue to investigate whether Gaia has come to harm through an act of crime or whether she is missing."

Gaia Pope on CCTV
Image:CCTV images of Gaia Pope have been released by Dorset Police
He said the search would likely continue "for some time" but that it was a "fast moving investigation" and there was "no reason to believe" Gaia had left the Swanage area. He refused to describe the investigation as a murder inquiry.
Police are also said to be pursuing "a number of other avenues of investigation".
Gaia's "deeply concerned" family continues to be supported by specialist officers, DS Kessel said.
He continued: "I would like to offer my thoughts and thanks to her family, who are going through an incredibly distressing time.
"I would also like to thank the public, particularly of Swanage and the local community, who have been incredibly supportive and understanding of the police operation into Gaia's disappearance."
The owner of the clothes found earlier on Thursday has not been identified, police said, but detectives involved in the search for Gaia have informed her family of the find.
The teenager, from Langton Matravers, was staying at an address in Swanage when she disappeared. She was wearing grey and white woven leggings, white trainers and a red checked shirt with white buttons.
Searches of the land and coastline in the area, by air, land, and sea, have been ongoing since she disappeared. Two addresses were searched on Monday and three vehicles have been seized.
:: Anyone with information should call Dorset Police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.