Friday, 22 April 2016

Police appeal for a man who was beaten up in Wigan to come forward after a 23-year-old is badly hurt intervening.
11:01, UK,Friday 22 April 2016
Greater Manchester Police
A woman has lost the sight in one eye after rushing to help her boyfriend, who had been attacked after intervening in a fight in Wigan.
The 23-year-old woman and her partner, 25, had just left the Goose Green Club on Saturday 9 April when they saw a man being attacked by two other men.
The woman's partner walked towards the men and shouted at them to stop, at which point the two men turned on him and started punching him.
She was then also punched after shouting at the pair, leaving her with "life-changing injuries".
The attackers ran off in the direction of the club and the original victim also fled.
The woman was taken to hospital where she was operated on, but now it has been confirmed that she has permanently lost the sight in her left eye.
Her partner received bruises and a cut to his right hand.
Detective Constable Brian Johnston, from GMP's Wigan division, said: "This couple are completely innocent and it is heartbreaking that, as a result of them simply trying to help someone else in distress, this woman has now been left with life-changing injuries and is blind in one eye.
"If you were the man being assaulted by these two men, then please get in touch with the police, as you may be able to help us identify these two offenders so we can take these men off our streets."
The first man is described as aged 20 to 30, with a peculiar haircut - the side shaved and the middle left long. He was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.
The second man is also said to be aged 20 to 30.