Tuesday, 21 August 2012


When prisoners make a complaint 99 percent of the time you will be given some bullshit by the scoobydoos you as a prisoner knows about PSO and PSI PSI and PSO are always 100% right but  still you complaint will come back with some old spill. So by rights when yuou go to the third stage which is the ombudsman it should be a open and shut case according to the PSO and PSI who should the ombudsman agree with if the PSo and PSI are  for guidance of running the prisons. In my 20 plus years I have made quiet a few complaints I always check with the PSO and PSI if I cannot find anything I always phone my legal team for advice, but yet you always get a letter back from the Ombudsman saying Dear Mr Smith your complaint has not been upheld,however you can go to the parliamentary and health service Ombudsman (HOLD ON A MINUTE I THOUGHT THEY WERE THE  OMBUDSMAN) so do we really need the prison ombudsman whenthey always tell us to go to the PHSO (I DONT THINK WE DO)
Take when there is a death in prison. Now the case is over I will use this case as an example.
1st October 2011,  2 sick prisoners saw another prisoner who was known as Mitchell Harrison to their cell they murdered and disembowled him. This brutal murder only happened 20-40  foot away from the office where staff were having breakfast and watching tv with the door shut. So is the ombudsman going to talk to all the prisoners who were on C wing when this murder was committed.
Lets see what bullshit the ombudsman comes back with, as always agree with the scoobydoos and cover things up.