Sunday, 28 February 2016

The 76-year-old mastermind of the audacious jewellery raid is moved from prison to receive medical treatment.
17:51, UK,Friday 26 February 2016
Hatton Garden robber
One of the Hatton Garden raiders has reportedly been admitted to hospital while waiting to be sentenced for his role in the £14m heist.
It is believed Brian Reader, 76, who has been described as the mastermind behind the burglary, was moved from Belmarsh Prison on Wednesday.
A statement issued by the Prison Service said: "An HMP Belmarsh prisoner was taken to hospital on 24 February.
"He remains there in order to receive treatment for an ongoing medical condition. Appropriate security measures are in place."
Hatton Garden
Reader is thought to be being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital for prostate cancer, although a spokesman for refused to comment due to patient confidentiality.
In January, a photograph of Reader surrounded by police officers being wheeled into an ambulance outside London's Kings College Hospital was published in The Sun.
A member of the public who took the picture said: "He looked like any other sick, old man in a wheelchair but was surrounded by police. Some had what looked like machine guns."
Who Is 'Basil'?
Dubbed the "Master" by his co-conspirators, the pensioner had been instrumental in planning the Hatton Garden heist, although he withdrew from the conspiracy when the group first struggled to get into the vault on the night of 2 April, 2015.
He was the oldest man involved in the raid and he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary.
In 1983, Reader was jailed for eight years for his part in the £26m Brink's Mat gold bullion armed robbery at a Heathrow Airport warehouse.
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