Saturday, 13 February 2016

Four bystanders dive into the canal to save the pair as their car sinks - using a hammer to break open one of the windows.
05:48, UK, Saturday 13 February 2016

Four bystanders jumped into the canal to rescue the mother and child
Dramatic footage has emerged of a mother and toddler being pulled to safety moments before their car sank to the bottom of an Amsterdam canal.
Three people jumped into the freezing water and swam to the vehicle, which was pitched nose down and fast slipping under the water.
The video shows splashing as one of the rescuers desperately thumps on the left-side window with a stone.
With time running out, a fourth quick-thinking bystander grabs a hammer from his car and jumps in to help.
They eventually manage to break through the rear window and pull out the pair - just as the car disappears from view.
Local media said the mother had parked next to the city's Schinkel River when the car started to move towards the canal with the toddler inside.
She reportedly tried to get the child out in time - but it plunged into the canal with both of them inside.
The emergency services were quickly on the scene, and mother and child are said to be doing well after being taken to a hospital.
Firefighters have since retrieved the car from the canal and the four rescuers have been thanked for their heroic response.