Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kevin Wilson will serve a minimum of 16 years for stamping on his ex-girlfriend's stomach after she refused to have an abortion.
17:19, UK,Thursday 11 February 2016
Kevin Wilson and Malorie Bantala.
A man has been jailed for life for killing his unborn son during a vicious attack on his pregnant ex-girlfriend.
Teaching assistant Kevin Wilson took matters into his own hands after eight-months-pregnant Malorie Bantala refused to have an abortion.
The 22-year-old hid in bushes near her Peckham flat with accomplice Taffari Grant, 17, before pouncing on his former lover, who had been buying decorations for a baby shower.
The pair, disguised in crash helmets, inflicted life-threatening injuries on the Marks and Spencer worker by kicking and stamping on her as she lay on the ground trying to protect the unborn child with one hand.
Malorie Bantala
Both defendants denied they were at the scene despite being caught on CCTV fleeing on a scooter.
Sentencing, Judge Mark Lucraft QC told them theirs was "a cowardly, vile, callous attack".
Wilson was jailed for a minimum of 16 years after being found guilty of child destruction and GBH.
His accomplice was handed 10 years' detention with a further four years on licence.
Miss Bantala, who lost six pints of blood and broke two fingers in the 15 June 2015 attack, said in a statement: "The moment Joel died inside me I lost everything literally. Life as I knew it no longer made sense."
Referring to Wilson, she said: "It was all about him and having the life he wanted."