Saturday, 13 February 2016

Investigators are baffled about how the iron disc went airborne in what the governor calls an "incredibly bizarre" tragedy.
10:08, UK, Saturday 13 February 2016

Caitlin Clavette and her car
A US motorist has died after a manhole cover flew through the windscreen of her car in an apparent freak accident.
The 200lb (90kg) projectile crashed through the front of the woman's vehicle on a Boston highway during the morning commute.
Her car continued forward after the strike before hitting a wall on left lane of the southbound Interstate 93 shortly before 8am on Friday.
Caitlin Clavette
The victim was identified as primary school art teacher Caitlin Clavette, reports the Boston Globe.
Massachusetts police are trying to establish what dislodged the chunky cast-iron disc.
The manhole, which was last inspected in June 2014, leads to a storm drainage system.
Possible causes for it going airborne could be "excessive wear, deformation, or any other characteristics", said investigators.
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker described it as an "incredibly bizarre" tragedy.
He said crews were now carrying out safety checks on about 500 manhole covers, grates and utility panels on highways.
The principal of Glover Elementary School said of Ms Clavette in a message: "She was a talented and valued member of our faculty."
Two lanes of the highway were closed during the investigation.