Wednesday, 18 May 2016

David Cameron defends ‘one nation’ Queen’s Speech amid claims he scrapped flagship reforms
The Queen left Buckingham Palace today in a grand procession to Westminster for the State Opening of Parliament. Accompanied by husband Prince Philip and son Prince of Wales, inset top left, Her Majesty was joined by hundreds of Army Guardsmen in their bear skins. As is tradition, the Imperial State Crown, inset top right, travelled ahead of the Queen in its own coach and arrived in the House of Lords Royal Gallery ahead of the 2016 Queen's Speech. In the last big parliamentary set-piece before the EU referendum, the monarch will outline the key planks of the government's agenda in a ceremony steeped in pomp and tradition. The 'one nation' themed package will see the introduction of 'weekend' jails - with thousands of criminals freed during the week to work and keep in touch with their families. A review commissioned by Justice Secretary Michael Gove will also recommend prisoners are given iPads in their cells so they can keep in touch with children and spouses via FaceTime and Skype