Monday, 9 May 2016

A man is caught on CCTV sending items including drugs, a knife and a Kinder egg containing SIM cards into Wormwood Scrubs.
14:49, UK,Monday 02 November 2015
CCTV image showing smuggling into Wormwood Scrubs
A man has been sentenced after being caught on CCTV trying to smuggle drugs, alcohol, a knife and a McDonald's McMuffin into Wormwood Scrubs prison.
Karl Jensen, 27, was jailed for two and a half years after footage showed him attaching a bag to a fishing line to smuggle items over the prison wall.
The 27-year-old had pleaded guilty to seven charges including conspiracy to supply a class A drug and three counts of conveying an article into prison.
Couple sentenced for smuggling items into Wormwood Scrubs
His girlfriend, Lisa Mary Hutchinson, 26, was sentenced to a 12-month community order during a hearing at Isleworth Crown Court.
She had earlier pleaded guilty to allowing her premises to be used for the supply of class A and class B drugs.
The court heard how staff at Wormwood Scrubs noticed the couple on CCTV standing on a road outside the prison wall on 15 October last year.
Jensen was seen attaching a bag to a fishing line, which was then used to pull the contraband into the prison.
Items smuggled into Wormwood Scrubs
Police were alerted and later arrested Jensen and Hutchinson near the prison.
The bag was located inside the jail containing a five-inch blade, a Smartwatch, a mobile phone and other banned items.
Detective Constable Andy Griffin said:"Jensen and Hutchinson tried to smuggle prohibited items including drugs, alcohol and a knife inside a prison; the combination could have been deadly.
"Thankfully vigilant prison staff foiled the plot and they were quickly arrested.
"This case serves as a strong reminder of the very serious consequences of smuggling prohibited goods into a prison."