Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The suspect was filmed pouring a flammable liquid around the premises in north London before setting it alight.
12:27, UK,Wednesday 18 May 2016
Bakery arsonist
Police have released CCTV of the moment a masked arsonist set fire to a bakery in north London.
The pictures show the suspect wearing a crash helmet emptying a can of petrol around the premises before setting it alight, causing flames to surge through the building.
The fire was started at around 5am on 14 March at the Tavazo Bakery in Finchley. 
Smoke alarms in the building were not activated as they had been covered up. Eight fire engines were sent to tackle the fire.
The owners of the bakery, brothers Shari Roberto and Mehram Armando, lost £50,000 of stock and equipment, according to the Hendon and Finchley Times.
Mr Roberto told the paper: "I was shaking - I was in tears and angry at the same time. As I raced over there I was panicking and confused, wondering why this happened."
The suspect was wearing a patterned crash helmet, a jacket, trousers, gloves and black and white trainers.
Scotland Yard said the video shows the suspect approaching the rear door of the premises, then walking around dousing the floor with a liquid from a black fuel container.
Police are keen to hear from anyone who may recognise the suspect shown in the footage