Saturday, 28 May 2016

Jahangir Khan, who claimed to be a crime boss in a rap found on his phone, is sent to prison for conning cash from elderly people.
11:09, UK,Saturday 28 May 2016
Jahangir Khan
A fraudster who billed himself as "da real don" - but in fact made his money from a phone scam targeting elderly people - has been jailed for three years.
Jahangir Khan boasted in rap lyrics about his lavish criminal lifestyle but failed to mention conning pensioners out of their savings. 
The 23-year-old and three accomplices would pose as police officers and bank officials to con people across the Midlands, Hertfordshire, Wiltshire and Northamptonshire.
In early 2014 the group made in excess of 1,300 'phishing' calls to landline numbers.
They raided 84 people's bank accounts after persuading victims to hand over their details  - the oldest victim was a 92-year-old woman.
West Midlands Police have now released a transcript of rap lyrics found on Khan's phone where he boasts of being the "real don"  and "da underground's finest".
The lyrics also allude to Rolex watches, speeding around in high-powered cars, and his claimed popularity with the "honeys".
Jahangir Khan and Arafa Begum
Detective Constable Dan Chappelow, said: "Khan clearly saw himself as a respected kingpin of the criminal world … in his mind he was 'da underground's finest' who drew respect from men and a magnet for adoring women.
"The truth is that Khan is a coward who spent his time phoning elderly people and tricking them into parting with bank cards and PIN numbers with scare stories that their accounts had been compromised.
"His crimes are a million miles away from the lifestyle depicted in his rap." 
Detectives from the force's Economic Crime Unit arrested the 23-year-old from Perry Barr, Birmingham, and found photos of him showing off designer watches, jewellery and clothes − paid for with cash from victims' bank accounts.
CCTV showed Khan taking victims' money from a cash point and using a stolen card at a convenience store.
Mohammed Miah and Motahir Rahman
Khan's accomplice Mohammed Miah, 21, from London, was jailed for three years and two months. 
Arafa Begum, from Nechells, Birmingham, was sentenced to eight months, suspended for 21 months, and ordered to do 150 hours of community service.
Motahir Rahman, 24, from London, was sentenced to 10 months, suspended for 21 months, and also ordered to do 150 hours of community service.