Friday, 11 March 2016

Rafael McCloud, who escaped from jail last week, confronted the family at their home and held them hostage for several hours.
12:38, UK,Friday 11 March 2016
Rafael McCloud shot dead after holding family hostage Vicksburg
An escaped murder suspect who broke into a house and held a husband, wife and their young son hostage for hours was shot dead after they managed to get free, police said.
Rafael McCloud - who was facing the death penalty if convicted over a 2015 killing - had used a makeshift blade to overcome an officer at Warren County Jail in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on 2 March.
He took the officer's keys, radio, trousers and jacket and fled the jail as police officers searched the town for him.
McCloud confronted the man and his five-year-old son after they entered the garage attached to their home at around 4am on Thursday, according to Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong.
Rafael McCloud shot dead after holding family hostage Vicksburg
He tied up the man, 30, in a bathroom in the property but he managed to break loose and fought with McCloud, who stabbed him in the back of the shoulder.
McCloud then tied him up again, but his 24-year-old wife persuaded him to let her leave the bathroom.
She then returned with a handgun and shot the intruder, before freeing her husband who shot McCloud multiple times with the same gun.
The husband has been released from hospital after treatment. His wife and their son were not injured.
Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace said: "This is absolutely not the outcome we had all hoped for. We had wanted to capture him and have him stand before the judge.
"But he chose this, and I am so personally relieved that this family was not injured more than they were and they were able to protect themselves."
Authorities found McCloud dead, slumped over the bathtub.
Officials said there was no connection between him and the family.
The trousers stolen by McCloud were found at the site of an abandoned hospital - the same place where he was accused of killing Sharen Wilson in January 2015.
McCloud was indicted on murder and rape charges in her death and had been jailed since 29 June.