Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Sharon Edwards is told she has "robbed people of a decent man" as she is sentenced to 20 years in prison.
13:45, UK,Tuesday 08 March 2016
Sharon Edwards court case
A woman who stabbed her husband to death two months after their wedding day has been jailed for 20 years.
Sharon Edwards, 42, murdered David Edwards, 51, at their home in Lancashire following a "turbulent" relationship in which he was beaten and belittled.
The mother of four had told jurors she loved her husband and did not stab him intentionally, insisting he walked into the knife she was holding during an argument.
Sharon Edwards court case
Friends of Mr Edwards warned the "besotted" solicitor to leave domineering and possessive Edwards after he began turning up to work with black eyes, scratches and bite marks.
Mr Edwards was found dead in bed at the couple's home in Chorley in 2015 soon after they returned from a holiday in Majorca. He had suffered a three-inch (8cm) stab wound to the chest.
Edwards had told the court: "I was a loving wife and I was protective of him."
Sharon Edwards court case
When asked about the stabbing she said she did not realise the knife had penetrated her husband's chest, despite all the blood.
After he was found dead, Mr Edwards's bruised and cut body revealed 60 external injuries, of which 30 included stab wounds to his thigh, knee and finger, and a shallow wound to his scalp.
The court heard Edwards' rage was over her new husband being made redundant from his partnership position at Stanley H Cross & Co solicitors.
Justice William Davis told Edwards she had "robbed people of a decent man" as he sentenced her at Manchester Crown Court.
Figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales suggest 600,000 men were victims of domestic abuse in the year to March 2015 and one in six men will suffer in their lifetime.
The Crown Prosecution Service has warned there is a "significant" under-reporting of domestic abuse against male victims.