Thursday, 3 March 2016

Sharon Edwards is accused of having a fictional version of events - but she tells a jury she was a "loving and protective" spouse.
16:02, UK,Thursday 03 March 2016
Sharon and solicitor David Edwards - murder trial at Manchester Crown Court
A "bullying" wife who regularly assaulted her husband thought only of "number one" after stabbing him through the heart, a court has heard.
Sharon Edwards denies murdering her solicitor husband David with a kitchen knife, two months to the day after their wedding in Las Vegas.
The 42-year-old has admitted holding the knife but claims he walked into it accidentally.
Mr Edwards, 51, was found dead in bed at their home in Chorley, Lancashire, on 23 August 2015.
He had an 8cm-deep (3in) wound to the chest and a further 60 injuries were found on his body.
Manchester Crown Court heard that hours before his death, Edwards was seen slapping her husband and calling him a "d***head" in a pub.
But the mother of four claims she could not remember the events of that night as Mr Edwards had put diazepam - a sedative - in her wine.
During cross-examination she said she had only ever slapped her husband and insisted he was not frightened of her.
The court heard she had called him a "has been" in front of strangers and belittled and embarrassed him in front of colleagues.
The jury was told that in his latter months, people noticed a decline in Mr Edwards, who lost weight and often had scratch marks and bruises on his face.
But Edwards insisted: "I was a loving wife and I was protective of him."
When asked about the fatal stabbing, Edwards said she did not realise the knife had penetrated her husband's chest despite all the blood.
Prosecutor Anne Whyte QC, said Edwards' version of events had been "fictional" and suggested to her: "You are making it up as you are going along.
"You fully appreciate the supreme gravity of what happened in the house before you called (an) ambulance. You were busy worrying about yourself."
Edwards replied: "That is not true."
The trial continues.