Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Watch anti-drug officers slice through a front door during an early morning raid on a property in Cardiff.
17:22, UK,Wednesday 30 March 2016
A Chainsaw Is Used By Police To Access A Property During A Drugs Raid
South Wales Police have offered a rare insight into the fight against drug crime in Cardiff.
The force has posted a video of anti-drug police using a chainsaw to slice through a front door during an early morning drugs raid.
Officers in the city have been using chainsaws instead of battering rams in recent months to speed up the process of breaking down doors.
The video shows police entering the property at 6am on Wednesday morning.
Two people were arrested on suspicion of money laundering, police told Sky News. 

The pair remain in police custody while investigations are ongoing.
"Another successful entry with the rescue saw in the fight against crime in Cardiff," South Wales Police tweeted, from its operations account.
It also posted a photo of the cleanly sliced front door after the raid. 
Dozens of people were arrested in February as a result of multiple raids across Cardiff, which employed the use of chainsaws.