Thursday, 3 March 2016

The 22-year-old dragged the woman out of the shower, covered her mouth with a cloth and poured water on her face, say police.
15:01, UK,Thursday 03 March 2016
Dylan VanCamp
A Wisconsin man is in police custody after allegedly waterboarding his girlfriend because he suspected she was cheating on him.
Dylan VanCamp pulled the woman out of a shower by her hair and subjected her to the attack at her apartment in Merrill on 30 June last year, according to a criminal complaint.
The 22-year-old is accused of covering the woman's mouth with a wash cloth and pouring three cups of water on her face to make her confess.
The woman told investigators that VanCamp was "trying to get her to admit that she was cheating with the guy she had been on the computer with", reports WOAW, a local TV station.
The unnamed accuser said she had a "hard time breathing and felt as if she was drowning", according to the criminal complaint.
She told investigators that during her relationship with VanCamp between May and December last year he had punched her, kicked her and choked her.
She also accuses him of throwing a salad fork, which got stuck in her shin in October of last year.
The woman said she had initially been too afraid to report him to police, according to the complaint.
VanCamp faces six felony charges, including strangulation, suffocation and stalking.
He is due to appear in court on 16 March.
Waterboarding was used by US intelligence officers during interrogations of terrorism suspects.
President Barack Obama banned it in 2009, calling the technique "torture".