Thursday, 3 March 2016

A convicted robber replies to an appeal for information about his whereabouts, saying he'd been standing next to a police officer.
16:15, UK,Thursday 03 March 2016
Sean Chamberlain
A fugitive convicted of taking a Range Rover belonging to a 4ft 3ins stage actor has mocked South Yorkshire Police's efforts to find him on the force's own Facebook page.
Sean Chamberlain was absent from Sheffield Crown Court as he was found guilty of being part of a gang that robbed and threatened Luke Pendlebury.
Ahead of the trial, the police force posted a photograph of Chamberlain on their Facebook page and appealed to the public for help to trace him.
Chamberlain saw the post and said "laughing" that he had just been next to a police officer inside a shop.
"Says sumet when they lookin so hard ive just been in shop at side of a cop lmfao," he wrote.
In another post he claimed it was "a set up".
He also said if officers did the job they were paid to do, he would be in court, claiming he was not "runnin or hiding".
Some of the posts were read out in court, according to The Star newspaper, and jurors unanimously found Chamberlain guilty of being part of the robbery.
The gang reportedly threatened to burn Mr Pendlebury's house down if he did not sign documents saying the car had been legitimately sold to them.
The four other gang members admitted various charges in connection with the robbery.
Chamberlain, from Bolton upon Dearne, in Barnsley, has been on the run since he failed to appear at court on 7 October last year.