Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The three men and a woman were already known to security forces as being suspected radical Islamists, reported French TV.
17:25, UK,Wednesday 16 March 2016
Paris police
Four people suspected of planning an imminent attack in central Paris have been arrested by French anti-terror police, reports say.
The three men and a woman were already known to security forces as being suspected radical Islamists, according to TV station TF1.
It was claimed two were French brothers of Turkish origin and authorities believed the group posed an imminent danger.
The arrests took place at dawn in Paris and the nearby northern suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.
During a search this morning, investigators found an unused cartridge for an assault rifle, electronic material, USB computer sticks and a safe.
160316 Policeman on roof during Belgium raid
France is already on heightened alert following last November's attacks in the capital in which 130 people were killed.
One of the 2015 attacks took place at the Stade de France stadium in Seine-Saint-Denis.
On Tuesday, a man was shot dead during an anti-terror raid in Brussels linked to the investigation into the deadly shootings and bombings four months ago.
Children At A Brussels School Near A Terrorist Incident Being Marshalled Away By Police
Belkaid Mohamed, a 35-year-old Algerian who was in Belgium illegally, was killed by police snipers.
He was found with an Islamic State flag, an assault rifle and a book of Salafist literature beside his body, according to Belgian prosecutors.
Four police officers were injured in the shootout, which began after Belgian and French authorities carried out a routine search of a property.
Police Gather In Brussels After Gunmen Open Fire
Police came under fire when the flat's door was opened and witnesses reported a heavy exchange of gunfire lasting several minutes.
Two people have since been detained, one of whom was admitted to hospital near Brussels with a broken leg.
Authorities are working to determine whether they were connected to the shooting, which took place in the southern suburb of Forest.