Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I wanna talk about the 2 coppers who got shot yesterday in Manchester. They are crying out for the death penalty to be brought back for killers of police officers. Why should it be brought back just for murderers of police officers, I am not against the death penalty but at the end of the day murder is murder, manslaughter is murder so why not call for the death penalty for all murders not just police murderers. Sentences should be in black and white eg: Robbery should be 10 years Armed Robbery 20 years Rape 15-20  years etc etc. So why is it so different in the UK. compared to the rest of the world and prisoners do not have human rights in the UK and the EU should take over the UK justice system. The life sentence should be abolished and we should all have fixed sentences or a maximum for life sentence eg: 15-25 years.

Running a bit late today due to someone smashing their cell up please give me some feedback on what else you would like to hear.