Monday, 3 September 2012

Prison Life I said I would write about Prison Life for the next week. Prison life is not all that easy like the majority of the public think. Monday 3rd September 2012 was told In had doctors appointment only been waiting 3-4 weeks for this I told them I had pains in my lower back without examining me he said take some pain killers. Went to health care at 8.45am see doctor at went back to wing at 10.25am. put radio on  had a coffee. 11.45 going down for dinner 11.50 what a load of shit ham and branston pickle and dry roll went to sleep till 1.30pm go to education for numeracy back on wing at 4.20pm had to have medication saw nurse for it. 4.30 went down for tea thinking it would be a good tea must of been kidding myself cheese salad (Don't eat salads) on phone now at 5.30 on phone now publishing will be banged up at 7pm till 8.15am tomorrow. That is one day of prison life for you. To be continued tomorrow.