Saturday, 15 September 2012

Family still not A1 but this is from the Inside Times:

Ref. Fantastic Frankland D.Hennesey
You must be a sick man you should really go and see a mental health team, you are deluded Frankland is not fantastic, it is a load of shit, what you are saying, in total I have been in Frankland 6 years, been in Prison 21 years, so don't tell me Frankland is fantastic, because it is not. You must be 1 of 4 things, a screw, management,working for home office or a little grass on A wing. This article has made me very angry, what about the murder that happened on C wing, what about the stabbing of the officers what about prisoners being attacked by officers. Officers not doing their jobs by not observing prisoners on ACT. I feel your article D. Hennesey is full of bullshit and you are only doing this to gain something, what I do not know, you probably want to gain your enhancement LOL.

Hope to be back to normal by middle of next week.