Wednesday, 5 September 2012

4/9/12 & 5/9/12

7pm lock up again till 8.30am saying that the words up that there is a lockdown tomorrow morning so don't know what is going on till tomorrow morning.
It is now 11.50pm been watching tv now have the radio on cup of coffee, feeling a bit low today want to help my family but cant, they sometimes feel like they are not listening to me. Where I have been in prison so long my entire adult life 22 years my family seem different to me, I tell my bro in law how to get legal money by wheeling and dealing all he says is ye ye ye. of to bed now.

7.30am just got up have to do my morning routine, wash dress clean teeth have a coffee waiting to go down to collect my meds, it should be 8.15 am  it is now 8.50a, this tells me it is a lockdown, 9.15 went down to pick up my meds, 9.30 back to education, 11.40 am back on the wing, locked up for head count. 11.50am went to get my dinner, it was chicken, It is 12.15pm locked up going to have my little sleep after dinner. 1.20 need to have a wash and coffee off to education 1.45pm. back on wing at 4.10. Get called into SO office, get told my dad who is 92 has hurt himself in a fall last night mum had been trying to phone prison for sometime now 4.45pm. what a load of shit. Now 5.10pm dictating this to family to publish for all.

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