Saturday, 8 September 2012

7/9/12 Lock up at 4.25pm till 8.45am on Friday Saturday & Sunday it is early lockdown 4.25pm it is now 7.20pm and am watching ice road trackers before football comes on (Come on England) England v Moldovan 10.30 pm England won 5-0 Well done boys. Now 11.15pm just had tv on mute and have radio on not much on tv so off to bed.

8/9/12  8.45am just got up morning routine, only thing different having shower in morning instead of night. 9am door just opened going to get my meds and have a shower, 9.30 having coffee and chilling. 11.45 am just getting my dinner playing table tennis for the last half hour lock up till 2pm when I will phone family so they can do my blog, cooking pizza,chips and bread and butter pudding for six of us. Don't want to say I have a big head but I am a better cook than the others they have all told me this. Now almost 3pm end of six days of prison life, Can you Please give me some feedback on what you think. Please contact us at

PS Good lick to England on Tuesday  lets kick more Arse