Tuesday, 4 September 2012

3/9/12 - 4/9/12  It is now 7pm it is now lockup locked up  till about 8.15am  In the morning I have a telemed appointment for those of you who do not know what a telemed is it is like a web cam to a doctor. It is now 11.45pm watching tv what a load of trash so of to bed,
7.30am up doing my normal routine like boys do, toilet, wash clean my teeth cup of coffee (hahahaha) Just been informed staff who was going to do telemed with me has phoned in sick so off to education was given a job to look after tropical fish and look after them it has taken me all morning now 11.26am back on wing locked up till 11.45 when we go down for dinner mince and mushroom pie tasted awful now 12 noon locked up till 1.45pm back to education will have a nap till 1.20. Then coffee and wash before education. Off to education.
Back on the wing 4.20 locked up for head count till 4.30-45. Now 5.30 translating to my people to publish this on my blog.