Friday, 7 September 2012

 5/9/12 - 6/9/12 -7/9/12

7pm lock up till 8.30am feeling a bit low over 600-700 miles away from family and with my dad having that fall yesterday I am unable to help him. I have not seen my dad for over 6 years now that is what the UK home office is like, they do not give a shit about your human rights.
11.10pm just been chilling out got tv on having a coffee been watching rude tube sorry for not updating yesterday ran out of phone credit due to my dads accident on Tuesday had to phone mobiles to be updated. 11.45pm to bed.

7.30a.m doing my normal routine bog was dress and coffee, 8.20 am going for my meds. 8.30am lock up till 8.45am have a call up in education. 8.45 they came and told me I did not have a call up showed the officers reply from application from 24/8/12 they still said no, so am back in my cell chilling out with a coffee, I'll come back if anything changes.

HA HA HA 9.10 just been told by screws when head count is correct I WILL BE GOING TO EDUCATION this could be in 5 minutes or 2 hours, 9.27 am went to education 11.15 back on wing in cell for head count, 11.45 going for lunch  12 noon lock up now 12.30 having my little sleep now 4pm had no work so slept through till 4pm when I picked up my meds, lock up till head count is right something is going down 5pm and still not out 5.10pm cell door opens going down for tea cant phone family today still out of phone credit, 7pm lockup, words out 6 inmates were planning to take a kangaroo out 9 pm bored getting into bed. 7.30am just got up doing morning routine, not boring you with details as previous, not working today so will be listening to my radio on smooth, to listen to a program called my tune by Simon Bates at 8.45am it is now 8.25am going for my meds, 8.33 back in cell waiting for my tunes to come on, 8.50 am It was a very sa one today about a mothers nightmare her son drowned in a Quarry and they play Michael Jackson You're not alone her son was only 14 years old there is now a charity being run for Dhillon 11.45 going down for dinner bang up till 1.45 when I get my canteen.2.30 on phone getting this typed up. Will update tomorrow.